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ProPoints Wobbily Way Down

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Food Diaries' started by Desperately Dieting, 23 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. Desperately Dieting

    Desperately Dieting Well-Known Member

    Week one of WW and I am starting their 'Easy Start' only its not quite so Easy as I am gluten free and also dairy intollerent (and allergic to soya lol)
    So I need to 'tweak' it slightly so instead of soya/dairy milk I'm having unsweetened Almond milk (lower fat/kcal then unsweetened soya or skimmed milk)

    Plan for today

    Morning - Fruit for breakfast

    Snack - more fruit

    Lunch - egg and beans on 1 piece of toast (no spread)

    Snack - ww bar (1 x treat)

    Tea - Lamb with bbq sauce (home made) and jacket potato (+veg)

    Snack - popping corn
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  3. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Well-Known Member

    Oh wow, gluten and diary are what I live on! Best of luck, I have been doing f&h since January and love it. If you need any help I will try my best to answer your questions!
  4. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Well-Known Member

    Hi and good luck with your journey! I love ww although I've only ever done propoints.
  5. Desperately Dieting

    Desperately Dieting Well-Known Member

    Thank you Loubyrnes

    I got a bit confused and though lamb was fine to have oh well more popcorn.

    I can have a bit of dairy as long as its processed like can have a bit of chocolate or a yoghurt as long as i dont have loads

    I have a bit of a tendancy to under eat I've got a lot of health conditions which cause my body to be in permenant crisis mode and if i under eat I gain.

    Today ive struggled to eat properly shamefully ive eat... fruit (bananas apple peach plum) 3 biscuits (6 pp from weekly allowence which is deminishing quickly) ww bar and 2 spoonfulls of tuna with a home made creme fraiche sauce

    Going to have a jacket potato with said tuna lol

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