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Wobbly spell over, back on form! YAY!


Back again - hey ho!
As a few of you know, I've had a rough patch these last few days, feeling really sicky, and there's been numerous occasions I nearly gave in to a piece of toast to try and settle my tum.... It was one hell of a struggle, and I thought maybe the shakes weren't agreeing with me...... BUT....today I'm FINE :D:D:D No more queezy tum, and actually I'm feeling a little hungry again, and looking forward to my next shakes :D:D:D
I'm so glad I didn't bottle it, I would have been kicking myself by now otherwise :)
Thanks all for your help xxx Mwaaah xxx
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weighs a lot less
im glad you are feeling better today hopefully that will be the end of your troubles ,well done on resisting the toast ,my 2 had toast this morning so i know how hard it is xxx


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Awww well done honey, glad youre back on form xxxxx


Wanna be....sexy!
Good on ya Toni,toast is the most gorgeous smell for me at the minute,hard to resist!


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Woohoo a pic!! Nice to meet you honey lol xxxx


Wanna be....sexy!
Cheers tracy,it isnt the most flattering one but it will change over the next few months x


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You look lovely hun, definitely from Ireland lol! xxx


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Glad to hear you feeling better Toni ;)

And shamrock SWIT SWOOOO :D looking good hun
Giant slap on the back for you, pulling through it well done Toni mi old mate lol. Hope any strugglers reading take heed, see it can be done xxxx
hey toni,
well done you on getting through those rough days - you are so determined!
garry - yep people should take heed of toni and feel confident in the fact that EVERYTHING is in the sachets! it's all the crap people were putting in their bodies BEFORE that causes the rough days i think - ridding the system!
that makes me sound very harsh but don't get me wrong, when you feel as ill as you can on this diet it is difficult to move away from traditional ways to make us feel better.....food!
BUT i think if you can push through with a little voice in your head saying that it will be ok (which more often than not it will) - you do it just like you toni!


Back again - hey ho!
Thanks, Gary & Fran & everyone, I was hoping the post would subtley help people not to bail at the slightest glitch, and Fran, well thats very subtle indeed!! :D lol
xxx Toni xxx


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Glad your feeling better hun....your halfway there now. Not long before you are a double for the 'before baby' picture.

Shamrock....looking good!!!!!!