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WolfWolf Atkins Progress

Hi everyone,

I found this website a few weeks ago. Since then I visit this forum very often but have no chance to join until today.

I've just started Atkins yesterday (02/05/2010). I am not sure if I eat too much eggs and cheese on Atkins introduction diet. I know that i have to eat lot of FAT. :eating:


Breakfast: Whole sea bass + herbs
Lunch: 3 large eggs, 2 medium chickens, 3oz cheddar cheese
Dinner: Beef steak

I felt really greasy in my mouth this morning from eating lots of cheese yesterday. But willing to eat a bit more

Breakfast: Salmon filet, 1 large eggs
Snack: Salmon filet, 1 large egg, 0.5oz cheddar cheese
Lunch: 3 large eggs, 2 medium chickens
snack: 2 beef steak filets
Dinner: 4 eggs, 2 monk fish filets, 2.5oz cheddar cheese, 2 cups of green vegetable

I feel a bit guilty of eating too much. My total calories today is 3114. :ashamed0005:
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you can have 4oz of dairy per day so looks like your under that.

fish,meat,eggs, carb free, so eat as much as you like :D

think that sums you up, another week and you wont be eating that mych, just remember to stop when your no longer hungry, its hard, but if then later yuo start to get hungry again, eat a little of something else..

its difficult to learn but you have to listen to your body xx
Hi MissyMustDoIt,

Thanks for your suggestion. I will try to eat less from tomorrow. I dont want to feel disappointed on my first weight in this week :D
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Wishing you the best for your weigh in WolfWolf! :D


Alway see the love x
Morning WolfWolf.


Have a great eatin week and good luck with ur 1st weigh in. Which day you going for?

Woofy x


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Hi wolfwolf and welcome, how much water are you drinking?


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Hi Wolf wolf and welcome. Jim's breaking you in gently with the water question - wait til he starts on about your greens lol :D


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:D, naughty Caz! I was being gentle. LMAO
Hi everyone [FONT=&quot]:wavey: [/FONT]

Thank you for your greeting and warm welcome.

My 1st weight in will be on Saturday and i plan to do it every Saturday morning.

I drink lot of water about 5-6 litres a day :). I eat a lot and feel so thirsty, especially on my first day of Atkins diet with cheese. I haven’t eat cheese in the last 4 months so this is a good opportunity to introduce cheese to my diet again and I love it. I read many posts mentioned that cheese might stall/slow weight loss. I understand that it depends on each individual, so I am going to experiment my body by eating cheese in moderation for a week and see how my body response.
I know I haven’t eaten much vegetable :D. I bought some this evening so i am going to eat a bit more tonight.
Thank you cherl889. I will get some tomorrow :)


Breakfast: 1 medium chicken, 1 large egg, 1 cup of vegetables, 0.5oz cheddar cheese
Lunch: 6.4oz beef steak
My jaw has really good exercise by chewing huge well done steak :8855:
Dinner: 3 eggs, 1 haddock filet, 1 sea bass filet, 0.75oz cheddar cheese, 2 cups of vegetables
looks good to me wolf, I notice you don't have a lot to lose, you may not find it as easy as those who have a lot to lose.
Thanks Jim. I thought I could expect to lose more this week.:p Ahh never mind but if I can lose at least 1.5lb (my new goal), it would be great.

B: 1.25oz cheese, haddock, sea bass, green salad, 3 eggs

L: 9.6oz beef, mixed salad

D: 1oz cheese, 2 chicken breasts, egg
Forgive me but is this for real?

Two chickens for meals? Whole sea bass?

Starting weight of 114lbs? Goal of 100lbs?


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I was just thinking the same thing Girly! Could we have a troll on the forum????:rolleyes:
I could eat that, remember my breakfast pictures. :D

Does seem a lot for a small girl though. LOL

But hey, if it's Atkins friendly. :p


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I don't think I could physically eat that much! So envious :confused:

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