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***Wonderful Woe-beating Wednesday- Hour by Hour***


Recovering Foodaholic
Morning all!

We're halfway there through the week- hurray! I'm on playground duty today, so I hope the weather's gonna be kind, or it's gonna be wet play /shudder.

I was sooo hungry yesterday- I'm in ketosis, so it can't be a real hunger- maybe it was because it was so cold- I just couldn't get satisfied!

I like Wednesdays because I go out singing in the evening so I'm nowhere near the fridge! It's always my 100% day haha.

My arms are a bit sore this morning- all that boogieing on the Wii-Fit, I bet. I'm really enjoying my exercise kick at the mo, long may it last!

Anyway, Christmas carols this morning in class as I've been landed with a performance on the 8th and have only learned panto ones. As it's Christmas, we'll call it R.E. I think. I spose we could look on a map and find Bethlehem and call it geography, but I think that's going a bit too far!

I have a feeling I'm gonna be surrounded by glitter and glue very soon!

Anyway, have a wonderful Wednesday everyone and I'll catch you later xxx
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Silver Member
Morning BP! I would love a morning surrounded by glitter and glue rather than an overflowing inbox!

My weigh in is tomorrow and I got on the scales this morning to get a sneak preview and all I can say is - I think I am going to be one very happy Guru tomorrow! :D

However, my wedding and engagement rings fell off yesterday as I was walking across the office and I'm now scared I'm going to lose them so I have to now buy some clips to fit on them to make them fit. No point getting them resized until I get to goal.
Claire thats one thing I don't miss about working in a school playgroud duty, but I do miss the glue and glitter maybe I will go back we will see.

Guru I have the same problem with my rings I hate not wearing them but I want to wait till i get to goal, least its a positive negative if you know what i mean lol.

Well I am in a good mood for a change day three of being back on SS 100% and its not to bad still wii fitting for an hr everyday and loving it maybe thats what is lifting my mood who knows.
Morning Ladies I am definately having a SS100% day I HOPE!

I have to blitz my house, today its so bad! Then might finish my xmas shopping!
Hope you all have a lovely 100% day!!! x


please try again
well im shattered today

yesterday i managed zero packs in fact ive managed to miss 12 somewhere along the way this week, so not good

last night i was talking to a depressed friend who made some suicidal comments so i drove across town at 3am, they said they were joking bout the suicidal stuff but its clear they are very depressed

i told him where i was going, he says i didnt and has accused me of lying, im a cheat, a bad person etc etc, fairly sure he said hes leaving me but right now i cannot be bothered to even explain it to him


Addicted to Minimins!
Morning all! Well its chucking down here & its absolutely freezing - think i might build a fire in a mo, try and get some heat in here. My hubby is at work (his first day in a new job), my girls are at school and my lil man is having a nap - i really should be getting on with some work for my OU course, but i just can't seem to get into it right now....maybe later.
Day 1 and so far so good - i soooooo want to be able to get into my fav jeans again. Four weeks until Christmas - i tend to lose around a stone in my first week (famous last words! lol) so am hoping to lose 21lbs by Christmas Day - heres hoping anyway!
Good luck to all weighing in today!


Addicted to Minimins!
Well lunch time has been and gone - had my pack and now pushing some more water in. Forgot just how tedious this water drinking thing can be in the cold weather.
Not doing wonderfully with water here either. It hurts too much to move since I fell so going to get more water... gets put off... and put off, however I think I am still having at least the minimum amount so it shouldn't be too bad.
Have a good evening folks!


please try again
well im just back from weigh in and i lost goose egg

nothing, nada, zilch

my own fault ( not cheated as such ) ive missed 12 packs this week, yesterday i didnt have any packs at all thou i did have 2 litres of pepsi max so im quite sure im just retaining water

i must must must get back into the swing of things, i must cheer the F up and start remembering the shakes, writing it all down in my diary
summayah - missing 12 shakes in a week must mean you have no energy at all. I am always really ready for mine by the time it's due so haven't missed any. I hope you get sorted out and back on track - but remember that even though you haven't lost in weight you may have lost in inches.

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