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Wondering how to get through New years now

S: 29st4lb C: 28st8lb G: 18st5lb BMI: 57.4 Loss: 0st10lb(2.44%)

I am a fellow returner and it is day 2 of LL I intended to start both before Christmas and also again on boxing day but it didn't happen. However, I have managed to get through 2 days of abstinence-yay! I am just worried about new year's now as I've not been doing it for long and will probably just be on the very of going into ketosis and most hungry on new year's eve. I'm working that day on an early shift but will prbably be home from around 4pm.

I've really struggled to get into it this time around and slipped at Christmas so am worried about losing it again on New Year's Eve. I've decided I'm not going out but there will be a lot of temptation around the house. Got any tips to enable me to celebrate but stay abstinent? I know that if I have anything at all to it that a binge is likely to be triggered or that I will keep picking so have to find a way of getting through it. Also my family usually has another Christmas dinner on new years day which will be hard (although I should be able to convince myself that I had one on Christmas to get me through).

I am getting some sparkling water delivered tomorrow so hopefully that can act as a good replacement for Champagn eh?;)
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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hiya Fat2Thin

Have just been reading through your post and was wondering why you want to lose weight. I know you have said that you lost weight before but put it back on but what is it about this time that makes it different to last time? What is it that is going to make the difference this time? What is it about getting slim and staying slim this time round that makes you want to do it?

You may find that answering these questions helps to give you the resolve that you need to get through New Year's after all it is only the turn of the clock...it happens every single minute of every single day are you really going to allow it to throw you off track???????

I totally understand about New Year's Day because my family are exactly the same, however, when you are strong in your resolve nothing will take you off track. A fellow CDC once said to me...if you are happy to look in the mirror and like what you see as being the end result then tuck in! If not, then a backbone needs to be grown! :)....what great advice it proved to be so I'll pass it on to those that may need it! ;)

Check out my post about Reverse Resolutions in the 'Bring Your Head Inside....' forum, you may find it quite helpful...good luck, hun, you know this journey is only as easy as you want it to be. :)
S: 29st4lb C: 28st8lb G: 18st5lb BMI: 57.4 Loss: 0st10lb(2.44%)
Hi Diva,

Thanks for your response. Your questions have really made me think. I also had a look at the other forum (I had never been there before but now that I have I will definately be back). You're exactly right. Most of my reasons for losing weight now come from quite a negative 'getting away' place: feeling disgusting, desperate, the possibility of not being able to find clothes in my size if I don't, getting occupational health off my back, fear of not being able to get a job when I qualify as a nurse for fear of being judged on my size, protective plastic aprons at work not fitting properly, the humiliation of how it will feel to give a presentation next term as part of my course. usually I find myself letting things get as bad as they possibly can before I go back to a diet. It's so true what you said about when you have lost a bit, you feel almost like you can get away will little slips because you are a bit more accepting of yourself. Then these little slips continue because you think well I can afford to have a little lapse and i'll get back on track before I gain too much but I can never seem to until it's too late and I've regained iall the weight that I've worked so hard to do. It then becomes a vicious cycle of starting to feel disgusting again and tormenting myself psychologically because I have yet again failed to lose all orf the weight or maintain it.

I've tried to think of some more 'towards' strategies or change the wording of my away from strategies.

Like, I got driving lessons for Christmas and want to learn how to drive but I don't feel confident enough to start them because of my size and would like to aim towards starting those.

I've also just bought some Kate Moss topshop jeans in a size 12 off ebay as an incentive and would like to aim towards getting into them.

I want to work in Australia when I qualify as a mental health nurse and there's no way I'm going to be fat when I go there. I'm also meant to be a 'health role model' and do not feel as if this is something I project currently. How can I expect patients to take me seriously when I advise them on healthy lifestyles when I am the size that I am?You are kind of safe and protected as a student but when you qualify people expect more so I cannot afford to be hiding behind my mentor or lacking in confidence.

I also want to be able to wear stylish and fashionable clothes from the high street and not be restricted to Evans and plus size catalogues.

I also want to be healthy and as there is a family history of cancer in my family, I would benefit from losing weight and living more healthily.

I'm 27 years old and living at home with my parents. I don't want to be 30, single and still living there.

I guess what is different this time is that I feel as though this is my last change to lose weight without surgical intervention. There are a lot of weight problems in my family also and my mum had a gastric bypass last year. Occupational health have recommended I also have one. Whilst the operation has worked for my mum I cannot help but feel it is a cope out and I would like to be able to lose weight on my own and stay in control. An operation like that is risky, especially for a person of my size and it still doesn't work for everyone. What's different also is that I am more aware of where I went wrong last time and have the insight to do things differently this time around.

My course finishes this summer and there is likely to be a summer ball and a graduation ceremony a bit later on. In 2002 I've got photos of me in my graduation gown and ball dress from when I did my first degree in psychology. I had just been dumped by my boyfriend for someone else after putting on all the weight I had lost on a previous diet. At that time I was fat and sweaty and disgusting and felt repulsive and I don't want things to be this way next year. If I don't do something then things will be the same and so they HAVE to be different this time around.
I'm 27 years old and living at home with my parents. I don't want to be 30, single and still living there.
Just requires you to make a decision not to be there, and be positive about everything including your weight and things will happen.

You can do it, just got to realise that you can :)

S: 29st4lb C: 28st8lb G: 18st5lb BMI: 57.4 Loss: 0st10lb(2.44%)
Thanks Mike. I can't afford to not be here right now on account of being a poor student but when I qualify and get a proper job I hope to be out
Absolutely but make a decision on what and who you want to be in life and then just go for it, I wasted a lot of my 20's doing things I thought others wanted me to do, it was only when I lost weight and sorted my head out that I realised that what I want is important and the byproduct of me doing what I want is that my friends and family are happier so a win win all round.



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hiya Fat2Thin

You have some great reasons for getting slim and staying healthy. It's so much more comfortable (and safer!) to be in a car knowing that your belly and your steering wheel are not in conflict with each other.:)

Also, change your aim slightly...instead of it being to get into your Kate Moss jeans, how about it being to make your Kate Moss jeans a staple of your wardrobe, how about them being the first of many pairs of size 12, and possibly even smaller sized, jeans.

By the sounds of things you have an exhilerating year ahead of you but how about taking that exhileration into 2009 and beyond...these are things that will not only keep you on track during this weight loss phase but also ensure your success at maintaining as well.

Good luck, hun...:)

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