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Wondering how weight loss and size dropping correlates...


Slimming down the aisle
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I was talking to my friend yesterday about the whole losing weight and fitting in smaller clothes thing, but we realised that neither of us have the tiniest clue about how the two correlate! You might have to lose a stone to drop a size, or 2 stone, I have no idea! Anyone any wiser than I am?

I'm 5ft 9in, if anyone is similar and further on in their journey it would be good to see how your weight loss and size dropping worked!


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hey caroline,
sorry i can't help with a comparison as i'm a total shorty at 5ft 1", but i'll try and explin it how i've found it to be.
Clothes sizes are all about inches, and obviously the larger the increase the larger the clothes size.
However it's not a set amount of inces to lose per clothes size, i.e to drop from a size 32 bust to a size 30 bust you need to lose 4 inches, whereas to drop from a size 10 bust to a size 8 bust you only need to lose 2 inches.
I found that when i was bigger i had to lose more weight to drop a dress size (probably about 2st per size) whereas now i'm smaller it doesnt take as much to get into a smaller size (about 1st per size).
Another thing to take into consideration is where the inches come off when you lose weight as it may come off some places quicker than others i.e you could go down a top size before a trouser size.
Overall mine has worked out at about a dress size every stone, but as i said it wasn't that way in reality. i guess it probably depends on how quickly you lose your inches rather than overall weight.
Hope all that rambling makes sense :D.


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Nope, weight and size have absolutely no bearing on each other at all. You can lose a stone and drop a size or you can lose no lbs and drop a size. It all depends on where the weight goes from and how it is stored in your body. I exercise 10 hours per week so I lose less weight than inches. It very much depends on your height, your activity levels, your genetic make up and where you lose the weight from. We are all different so no 2 journies will be the same.


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I roughly work out at a dress size per stone dropped, but it very much depends on where and how you carry your weight, how its lost etc.

I don't think I'm too far off a 14 at the moment, as I seem to get into a lower dress size at around the X stone 6 mark, but I'm very much playing by ear.

That wasn't very helpful was it? Sorry


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I agree that the bigger you are, the more you have to lose to get in to the next size down.
I have lost 4stone 2lb. I have gone from a size 22 trousers to a tight size 16. The size 16 has happened in the last week. Whereas dropping from the size 20 - 18 took ages- about 2 stone.
That prob isnt helpful at all. Lol!
Good luck though! xxx
we had a thread on this recently and i think everyone did agree that there was no formula!
I was a size 22/24 when I started and just after 15lbs (+whatever have dropped this week) i am now in size 18's. I used to be a size 12 at 11stone which sort of works out that if I dropped a stone a month from now I would end up being back in size 12;s at goal.
I have lost loads of inches of my hips but my tummy is still big, and inches of my waist but not much off my bust :(
I am just happy to be going down which ever way it happens!
I don't think I was much help either!



Slimming down the aisle
S: 19st1.5lb C: 18st6.8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8.7lb(3.25%)
Ok, so basically, I'll figure it out when it happens!! It's quite interesting to hear peoples responses.

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