Wondering if it works? If it's worth it? I assure you it is!! Weigh in time!


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S: 20st3.5lb C: 19st13.5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 41.3 Loss: 0st4lb(1.41%)
There have been so many times I've been tempted to cheat this week, and this point, right here, this is where every no becomes so worth it! Though I'll be honest, there have still been a few little ones along the day. But I don't care, week one is over and I'm happy with what I got!

Anyway, so, just weighed and measured myself for my official weigh in.

Start weight: 266lbs :cry:
Today I weigh: 251lbs :eek:

That's a MASSIVE 15lbs!!! I couldn't have hoped or imagined such a loss! I lost 11lbs last time I did CD, but 15lbs, especially with the day I ate a couple of pieces of bread because of the stomach bug I had, wow. As you can tell, pretty happy right now! You know why? That means I jumped from 19st 0lbs to 17st 13lbs... I skipped the 18s completely! :eek:

Measured myself too, those these aren't as exciting.

0 off my bust
2 off my back
(Which hopefully means that what little amount of boobage I have won't disappear!!)
2 inches off my waist
1.5 inches off my hips
0.5 off my thighs and 0.5 off my arms too.

Which is a total of 6.5 inches, so I'm happy with that too.

I think I need to go and sit down from the shock! :eek:

*runs off to update tickers, falls over in excitement, gets up and runs off again arms waving everywhere*

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Oh :wow:

That makes it all worthwhile, huh? How chuffed must you be? :D :D :D

Way to go on missing out a whole stone, girl!

Those inch loss statistics are pretty impressive too!

Well done: :winner:

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
S: 12st6.8lb C: 12st6.8lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
:D:D:D Woo! Go Girl!!

Thats fantastic, im hoping for losses like that. First WI on restart next Wednesday *eek*
Id be happy even with 4lbs or 5lbs..... Your an inspiration :rolleyes:


Repeat Offender
S: 20st3.5lb C: 19st13.5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 41.3 Loss: 0st4lb(1.41%)
Thanks ladies, I'm so chuffed you wouldn't believe! :D


Hayley I didn't expect anything like that either!


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S: 18st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 37.5 Loss: 0st5lb(1.93%)
Wowee! That's amazing! We can make it through another week with the results we've had today.


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S: 13st5lb C: 9st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 3st13lb(29.41%)
Fantastic result, well done to you, when you see the scales going down it all becomes worth while doesn't it? x


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OMG !! Fantastic- well..... you do deserve it after all, you go girl, roll on week 2 xx


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Woo hoo! And well timed as I was just wondering whether I'd have a bit of bread and butter and forget the diet for 10 minutes!! With success like yours spurring me on I'll forgo the bread and stick with it:) Well done you!


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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! In one week, you've lost what I lost in 5 weeks lol! Granted I wasnt fully on plan but holy cow that's fantastic! I'm jealous and happy for you all at the same time :) I'm a big ball of jealyhappy!


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S: 17st11lb C: 17st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 39.9 Loss: 0st2lb(0.8%)
well done hunny its just what you need to get you through the next week well it was for me. Its worth all the stress after xxx


Going From Flab to FAB!
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WOW ... amazing :) a whole stone! yay easy enough to crack on with the next one lol .
have a wonderful week xx