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  1. LeaFerguson

    LeaFerguson Full Member

    Hello anyone whos reading!

    My names lea and I'm a foodaholic! I'm 29 and have been slimming since I was 16! I managed to get to withing 2lb of my goal weight at 16 and kept this off till I was 21 but decided after my first heart break my life needed vodka, wine and many many takeaways. 6 years on after failed attempts of losing and putting on more then losing and putting on again, I'd gained a whopping 5 stone! Sheesh! I've since over the last 2 years managed to lose 2 stone (although admittedly my weight has gone up n down half a stone about 6 times during the last year). After much deliberation, I've come to the conclusion that I need to change my way of healthy eating. I've always followed slimming world and have previously been teased for eating mansize portions of pasta which was all allowed on sw - doesnt mean its right! My portions are waaaay out of sync and I've had a lot of people rave to me about WW recently so thought I'd give it a go. I'm an online member and welcome any help, hints and tips on offer from anyone as I need all the help I can get so that I don't feel fat at 30 :)

    First goal, I want to have at least another stone off for a friends wedding in June and I'm not only a bridesmaid for the first time in November but am the maid of honour for my oldest friends wedding so I'd like to be at target for then!

    Lea x

    Tuesday 13th march
    B- banana
    40g shreddies 4pp
    250ml skimmed milk 2pp

    D- WW beef hotpot 6pp
    Mixed veg
    WW dessert yoghurt 1pp

    T- light choices chicken with Tom and basil sauce 4pp
    150g new potatoes 2pp
    large salad

    Snack - WW mini roll 2pp

    Dailies 21/26
    Weeklies 0/49
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  3. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member


    Good luck with everything. You'll get lots of support and ideas on here.

    I'm 29 too and trying to get rid of my "I got goal but put a load back on" weight before I'm 30 too.

    We've started a thread for losing weight before friends/our own weddings in June. I want to lose nearly a stone by then too. Come and join us!

    Ruth x
  4. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    Hey Lea,

    Im with you on this - I am 29 too really want to sort this before I turn 30 so I can just go about the rest of my life maintaining!

    I got weighed on Saturday AM & still ate like a demon - just started with WW PP's on Monday so hopefully on Saturday I can still manage a nice wee weight loss.

    Good luck on your journey & I hope you dont mind but I'll pop back on to see how your doing & also let you know how I'm getting on.

    I want to lose about 36lbs in total - first goal 7lbs tho!

  5. LeaFerguson

    LeaFerguson Full Member

    Ooo boofyruth will have a look for the wedding thread :)

    Dolly, feel free to pop over anytime with and hints n tips or even a telling off if I've been bad! I really need all the help I can get!

    Todays food - I've been thoroughly satisfied with food today and haven't felt hungry which is brill.
    B - oatso simple 3
    Skimmed milk (250ml) 2

    D - massive salad
    60g chicken 2
    150g new potatoes 3
    WW desert yoghurt 1

    T - quorn meatballs made with dolmio light and veg 5
    180g cooked pasta 5

    Snacks - fruit salad
    Pkt wot sits 3

    Did a 30 min brisk walk - 2ap

    Dailies 24/26
    Weeklies 0/49
    Activities earned 2
  6. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    Sounds like your doing well your food diary from yesterday looks yummy!!!

    I always tend to eat the same things all the time maybe I need to mix it up a wee bit!

  7. LeaFerguson

    LeaFerguson Full Member

    Thankyou, I was extremely full yesterday! I think the key to any healthy eating plan is variety otherwise you get bored and to be fair, chocolate never gets boring and that's the first thing we reach for!

    I'm slightly scared, the company I work for have started to put on exercise classes on a spare floor and in half an hour, I'm going to take part in my first one. It's called ix60 and is a mixture of kickboxing, pylometrics and core strengthening exercises. This could possibly be my last post, going off my staff who went last week, it's very tough! X
  8. LeaFerguson

    LeaFerguson Full Member

    Well I survived the class but it was extremely hard. Gonna keep it up though definitely. Have been doing Zumba on a Monday and Thursday so will just do Zumba on monday from now on. Came home n was dying to eat something but i pursevered and waited for my amazing tea - Mediterranean quiche, I'm in shock, it was so nice!

    B - 40g shreddies 4
    250ml skimmed milk 2pp

    D - WW tuna 2pp
    150g cooked pasta 4
    Lots of salad
    WW desert yoghurt 1

    T - 150g new potatoes 3
    WW Mediterranean quiche 7
    Big salad

    Dailies used 23/26
    Weeklies 0/49
    Earned 5 AP today
    AP 0/7

    Lea xx
  9. chunky-monkey77

    chunky-monkey77 i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !

    hi lea this is going to sound a stupid question but will ask it anyway . was your pasta weighed b4 or after it was cooked .
  10. LeaFerguson

    LeaFerguson Full Member

    Not stupid question at all, weight it after. The website gives before and after points as because i cool for me and my partner I can't really measure it before x
  11. LeaFerguson

    LeaFerguson Full Member

    That spelling was shocking! The points were calculated based on the after cooking weight x
  12. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    Oooh that class sounds really good - I am a total lazy bum need to start some exercising!

  13. LeaFerguson

    LeaFerguson Full Member

    It was hard work that class let me tell you, Ive ached like crazy all day, but so have all the super fit lads at work so I don't feel so unfit. Had a weird day today, I wasn't entirely prepared foodwise and so feel like I've just had bits of food mainly bread, and it's too late to make something proper. Have had a little shop so have got tomorrow and Saturday pretty much sorted.

    B - oatso simple 3
    250ml skimmed milk 2

    D - WW chicken noodle soup 1
    3 slices of WW Danish brown bread 4 (1 is 1, 2 is 2. It 3 is 4!)

    T - coOperative healthy choice tuna and cucumber sandwich 7 (thought this would have been about 5 so was suprised at 7)

    WW Danish brown bread 2
    Wafer thin ham 35g 1
    1tblsp light mayonnaise 2!!!!!! Wouldn't have bothered

    The only fruit I've had was a banana and a couple of grapes, the grapes were awful and went in the bin.

    Am off out tomorrow night which will be a bit of a test, not had any weeklies and not used every point all week so I've got a bit of room to budge. Vodka diet cokes but definitely NO TAKEAWAY on the way home!!!

  14. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    Enjoy your night out hon!

    I lost 1.5lbs this week - very happy with that!

  15. LeaFerguson

    LeaFerguson Full Member

    That's brilliant dolly, well done!

    Well, things didn't go as planned :( I was dancing from the moment I was out (the group I was out with are who I used to do Dancin classes with so as soon as we're out we just dance) and the vodkas were spilling all over me do ended up having Bacardi breezers - it was a drunken decision. I've just checked and actually, they're only 3 points which made me feel a lot better. I did have quite a few shots too though and I can honestly say I do not know how many points I had. Didnt have takeaway on the Way home though which im please about. What's done is done and I'm going to try not to let it hold me back. I've gone over my dailies today by about 3 or 4 points. Full speed ahead again tomorrow. I'm not going to drink now for a couple of months whilst I try n get some weight off. x
  16. LeaFerguson

    LeaFerguson Full Member

    Not feeling well at all today. Woke up about 4am n my throat was full of blisters. By 8am I couldn't speak and haven't gone in work. As I'm feeling pretty miserable, eating healthily has gone out the window a bit today. Have had a chocolate bar and a pie n sausage roll from the bakery after I dropped my other half off. Hopefully after a good nights sleep I'll feel refreshed. Can't believe I've let myself slip like this though. I'm definitely not drinking again for a few months now. X
  17. LeaFerguson

    LeaFerguson Full Member

    And then I had KFC for tea. Start again tomorrow!!!
  18. LeaFerguson

    LeaFerguson Full Member

    Yay, back on the plan. Didn't weigh myself this Mormon as I didn't want to be disappointed. Thought I'd wait till nx week. Food done well today. Got a very busy week so will be reliant heavily on ready meals :(

    B - oatso simple 3
    Skimmed milk 2

    D - WW shepherds pie 6
    WW desert yoghurt 1

    T - light choices chicken pasta 11
    Small piece of light choices quiche just to try. Ate more than should have 4

    Dailies 26/26
    Weeklies 1/49

    No activity points earned.

    Have got tomorrows food planned already!


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