Working Solutions Woo hoo, parcel has arrived!!. Starting exante tommorrow!!!

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  1. Shangri-la

    Shangri-la Full Member

    So excited that my bingeing is hopefully at an end as starting exante tommorrow. I am doing working solutions as I feel it is more sustainable for me. I have done total solution a few years back and I only liked the bars so I am having 3 bars and 1 low carb meal per day and if i can even lose 1lb every week, then happy days!!!

    I hope you are all enjoying it too. Upwards and downwards!!!!
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  3. Rosey38

    Rosey38 Full Member

    Good luck, the only way is definitely down! :)
  4. Shangri-la

    Shangri-la Full Member

    Thank you, Rosey38.x
  5. Suseka

    Suseka Full Member

    Hello and good luck with Working Solution - how's your first day gone?

    I did a VLCD years ago; similar to Exante and equivalent to their Total solution. Did really well on it at the time, but find myself now back with lots of weight to lose (my own fault) and having tried and failed to stick to Total for several months I'm now seriously thinking the one way for me is Working Solution.

    I have a variety of Exante and SnS products to use up - so going to do just that - three a day and a 400 cal protein based meal in the evening. Once they are all used (and depending on how much weight I've lost) I intend to follow an intermittent fasting diet plan and use exante on the days I fast.

    I started on Tuesday and have lost 4lb so far -which I realise is just water, but its a start.
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  6. Shangri-la

    Shangri-la Full Member

    Hi Suseka, Thank you for your post. I am finishing my second day now and finding it amazing. This is due to the fact that I have 3 bars per day which I love (choc orange and toffee nut and raisin), I really hate the red berry and double choc but each to their own lol and also a lovely meal in the evening.I had lovely meal yesterday and today which consisted of skinny rice (full pack of zero carb rice) from holland and barrett with a chicken fillet, slice ham, mushroom and a little onion fried in one cal spray with curry, chilli and garlic season. It was just the same as a chinese if not nicer and then a bar for afters!. Yesterday, had chicken zero carb noodles, with stir fried veg, and fillet of salmon. It really does not feel like a diet and it is something that I could sustain for a long time. I too have done all the tfr's on the market and while the weight flew off, it flew on just as quick when i came off them so I am aiming for a slow but sustainable weightloss.However, each to their own and total solution works for loads of people, just not for me. good luck, Suseka and let me know how you get on.x
  7. Nessa1980

    Nessa1980 Full Member

    good luck!
  8. Aryathebrave

    Aryathebrave Full Member

    Good luck! I'm in a very similar boat :)
  9. Sherie1

    Sherie1 Member

    Good luck to all the newbies!!
    First day today...just want to get to 4 days!!!
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