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Woo Hoo - Size 14!!!

Yesterday I went mooching round the shops not planning on buying anything. Went into Next and saw a size 14 skirt (pencil skirt type) and thought I'd just try it to see.................. and it fit!!! :D:D:D:D Despite not having any money decided to put it on the credit card. It's the first time I have been a size 14 for about 14 years!!!!! I'm over the moon!! I know Next cut on the larger size but it's made me feel great!! Just wish my top half was going down as quick!! Think that'll only happen with a boob reduction though!! ;)

Just wanted to share the joy with you all :party0038::party0038::party0038::party0038: :bliss::bliss::bliss::bliss::bliss::bliss::bliss::bliss:
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Well done, I can imagine how chuffed you must be, it's a wonderful feeling...Ahhhh, I remember it well, once upon a time, hopefully it won't be long before I'm back in a 14's, at the moment a very comfy 18s, all my weight goes around the middle and that's the first place it goes off too, can't wait to buy a 14's, I think a 12's is just a dream now, can't imagine being a 12's, was a 12's 20 years ago!

great post...thanks susan
That's fabulous, well done - wear that skirt with pride :)
That's what credit cards are for honey - well done to you!!!!



this time - the last time
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Well Done!!!


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Well done, its a great feeling isn't it. Just remember what is felt like when you first zipped it up the next time you feel like cheating lol
Mia - you are so right - I will definitely be thinking of that feeling when tempted to cheat!! I think the others in the changing rooms must have thought I'd gone mad!! I held my breath and didn't utter a word as I stepped into the skirt and then when I got it past my bum, round my waist and done up I squealed - they must have thought a pig had been let loose in the changing rooms!! :rolleyes:
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You should be really pleased, Next are actually really small on their sizes !! well done

mrs c

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size 14, know the feeling well, when i got near my target, i went shopping hoping i would be a 14, got in a pair of hipster jeans size 14 on the loose size as well, but couldn't manage a 12. I started jumping up and down in the changing rooms, the two girls helping in there thought i was mad until i showed them my before photo, size 22-24, for the next hr they were my personnal shoppers, getting me try on different styles, which i can now wear, the feeling is great.


Bit expensive when you have to buy a new wardrobe, but well worth it chucking out all your old clothes, a great feeling.
Mmmmm maybe I need to start carrying my before photo around (Itoo was a 22-24)!! Could do with a personal shopper as I have no idea what suits me anymore!!

I've chucked all my old clothes into suitcases in the loft and my wardrobe looks rather bare at the moment, I have a couple of pair of jeans, couple of trousers, 1 skirt (in a 14 :D )and half a dozen t-shirts!! I have a client meeting on Wednesday and not sure how I'm going to pull something smart out of what I've got!!

mrs c

Cambridge Consultant
It's worth taking ur before photo, i did that in a couple of shops and they were so helpful, acted a bit silly, like don't know what size i am, what suits me, this is what i looked like 4mths ago, the responses from the shop assistants were great, they were in their elliment, next time you go shopping try showing them your before photo and ask for some advice. Good Luck
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i went shopping the other day and you know i couldnt even look at anything to buy as its so depressing! i cant wait until i can be a size 14 and shop for things i would like to wear and not just things that will make me look slimmer and cover my fat! i cant wait!! u know i have never in my life that i can remember wore a skirt above my knees? always 3/4 or ankle length. New Goal! to lose enough to feel confident in a skirt above my knees lol!!:D

mrs c

Cambridge Consultant
I know the feeling all my old skirts were long, never worn trouser as my legs were so big, Now you can't keep me out of jeans and shorter skirts. It does take time to adjust what you buy after a big weight lost, i kept going for all my old styles, but now you can't keep me out of shops, i have had to stop myself as i have too many clothes, can't wear them all.

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