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Woo woo's SW diary

Right I've been messing about the past few weeks with Exante Diet, and although I've lost a stone, I've lost the will to keep going!!! Decided to switch to SW as I am already familiar with the plan. Will be starting 2 mo, and hoping to fit in 20mins of exercise each day. Got around 4 stone left to lose. Have put in my Tesco shopping order which will be coming to mo, can't wait to start. Here goes......
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2 weetabix for breakfast- HEB
Banana for snack.
1/2 L water so far and a mint tea.
Well I've done my 20 minutes exercise for the day-
Kettleworx DVD wk1 resistance, and oh yes my body knows it's done it! LOL
May try Zumba on the wii tomorrow, had it weeks and havent even tried it yet!
I'd love to hear how the Wii Zumba is. I went to a class a fewtimes but it didn't really do it for me - the class was really busy and didn't feel I was getting that good a workout, but would get it for the Wii if it was any good.
tillymax said:
Well done on the exercise.

I've got the zumba dvds and they are really fast or maybe it's me that's really slow :8855:
I will let u know to mo. I've had it weeks and haven't even broken the seal yet!!
Shelliewoo83 said:
I will let u know to mo. I've had it weeks and haven't even broken the seal yet!!
Sorry, that was for ellbars post : )
Right my food for today has been-

Breakfast- 2 weetabix: HEB1 and SS milk: HEA2

Lunch- wholemeal pitta:HEB2, 2 slices ham, 2 triangles laughing cow light: HEA1, cherry tomatoes, apple

Tea- 2 Tuna steaks, broccoli, green beans, carrots, 2 tbs light salad cream: 2 syns

Snacks- banana, mullerlight cherry/chocolate: 2 syns, satsumas

Drinks: 1.5L water, can dr pepper zero, 2 mint teas, apple and blueberry herbal tea.

Total syns: 4

Exercise: 20 minutes Kettlewrx DVD wk1 Resistance
Completed my 20 mins of exercise for today. Wii Zumba for the first time: really enjoyed it. Did the beginner level to start with, a little quick at times but manageable. Cats sat In amusement watching me shake my thang to the TV! Good job I don't have a window cleaner, would of frightened them to death! Lol
Off to make me Brekkie now.
That's great. I bet after another couple of sessions it won't feel as fast!
ellbee said:
That's great. I bet after another couple of sessions it won't feel as fast!
Thanks, feeling a bit sore tho after yesterday and todays exercise!! I'm sure it will pass eventually. How long have u been doing SW elbee?
I'm attempting to make carrot and cumin soup, it's boiling on the hob as I type. Whenever I try to make soup it always turns out a yucky brown colour, and tastes horrible. Have followed the recipe to the plan, so fingers crossed, as this is one of my fav soups ( made by others! Lol)
I'm impressed!! Tasted lovely!!! Cut the ingredients in half so I've made 2 small portions, one for this afternoons snack, and one for Friday lunch. I've eaten the soup now as going to a BBQ later and it's always dangerous going to one on an empty stomach!!
Have decided I am going to try and cook something new each week, now what is my next dish........
Well I filled up earlier before the BBQ so that I didn't scoff...................................still didn't work!!! Ate a burger and a sausage, as well as crisps, cake, 2 bottles of cider, and 3 glasses of cocktail!!! Ooops!! Will be glad when this weekend is over, and the OH birthday is out of the way, got nothing planned then until September!
I am now of the mentality that if I slip up, I get right back on the wagon the next day, rather than spending days- weeks moping about what I have eaten and filling up on more crap because I think 'what is the point!' there is a point and I will get there, just gotta keep going, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, it is those who learn from them who make a success.
I love your attitude, Shellywoo. I'm trying to reach myself that even if I have a bad day, it doesn't necessarily mean I have TK continue it all weekend/week.

I only did SW for about 7 or 8 weeks and lost about 11lbs, then went on holiday for a few days and really struggled to get back on plan for the next 6 weeks (and ended up putting on 4lbs, so still down 7 from my original weight. Back on plan properly since Tuesday but going for lunch and cocktails on Sat and just going to get what I normally wound as I need to be able to factor things like that into my normal life :).

I am going to teach myself dressmaking and would love to be slimmer by the time I'm able to make more tailored things.

Sorry for the epic post!!!!!

I'm out Saturday as well for OH birthday, and I am going to have what I like, then there is nothing planned then until September, so that will help me keep on the straight and narrow.
Yea i tend to go on week long binges if I fall off wagon, so I need to change that. I'm back on plan today.
How much do u have to lose? Are u a Tuesday weighed too? I'm doing it at home at the mo, but thinking of joining a group in the next week or so
I have stuff on the next 5 weekends then off on holiday for 2 weeks. Typical for me really - don't have anything for ages then periods where everything is crammed into a few weeks.

I'd love to lose 4 stones but realistically I I even lost 3 I'd be ecstatic! How much are you aiming for?. I just do it at home - hate the thought of paying money to tell me what I already know. Would much rather spend it on beads or fabric!!!
Aiming for 4 stone, but anything would be ok!!! Lost 1.5 since Xmas but been messing about really with different diets, so I'm sure if I stick with SW better I will lose better.
Does walking around shops for 3hours count towards my 20 minutes of exercise for the day?? ; ) lol

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