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woohoo calorie burn!!


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i am soooo happy right now.
for the last few years i have worried soooo much about my fitness level (or complete lack of it).
then when i started on cd some 9 weeks ago i dragged out my airstepper( the type u stand on and hold arm handles and swing arms and legs) and could just about manage 15 minutes and burn about 70 calories :mad:.
i havent used it much since and havent used it at all in the last 5 weeks due to chest problems.
this morning i got the urge to give it another go as im feeling much better now.
So , i stuck some music on and on i got. was very surprised to find i lasted 40 minutes and burnt 350 calories. i was gobsmacked.
after a few hours of rest i got a second wind and jumped back on (thats a first for me) and managed another 30 minutes and 300 calories.
so ive burnt 650 calories in a day, never used to manage that in a week and i feel ggggggreat :).
obviously the weight loss is starting to show some real benefits:bliss:
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hmmm, apparantly i celebrate this success alone.


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Well done hun! I;ve got a cross trainer with my name on it upstairs but haven't had the energy. Great work!
Well done, I dont exercise on machines much but I can definitely walk further this week than 5 weeks ago :)


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ty loopy,
im sooo glad someone answered me.
i was beginning to think i somehow managed to make an entire forum fall out with me. lol
gl with finding the time and motivation to get the cross trainer out.:)


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Well done!!!

One of the great things about losing weight is realising how much you can suddenly do. It's great to have the ability to climb stairs. I one day realised that I had bounced up a flight of stairs with less effort than it took to walk up just a few weeks earlier.

Enjoy the rewards of doing so well:)


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ty hedgehog and well done to u. its amazing how quickly we can see some improvements in our lives.


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ty soraya,
ur right. ive noticed a great improvement with climbing stairs recently as well. not so breathless at the top anymore and now i can carry a few t-shirts up without it feeling like im carrying the fridge. lol
Well done Cheryl!! Let us know if you get really hungry later though and how you deal with it. I think some previous posts have warned against the after exersize hunger thing and that drinking loads of water will see it off!
I don't seem to get hungry after my aquasize or aerobics though- hunger just strikes for no apparent reason and is probably all in my head!!

Well done again !!
And yes-the stair climbing difference is fantastic isn't it?!


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hi letmeout,
no major hunger so far. i did drink quite a bit afterwards and i think that helped a lot.
i have more energy tonight than ive had in a long long time. i can honestly say today was the first day i actually 'enjoyed' exercise.
once i get more weight off (another couple of stone i think) im hoping to find the confidence to go swimming or perhaps aqua-aerobics.
my arms are aching at the moment, think my biceps had a wake up after a longggggg sleep. lol


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Hi, I've been back to my yoga today. Sounds easy but no really tough - in agony after falling over when husband came into room and started laughing -honestly!

The daft thing is I feel really smug if I feel a twinge from my abs. After all the years when they did nothing - now if only I can get the food under control...


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hi soraya,
i dont think i could do yoga, im more like yoda to be honest. lol. no way could i bend or balance in the neccessary ways. lol.

hi dancing and ty. i was so surprised to see this thread pop up again tonight. i saw my name as 'posted by' and thought there was an imposter on the boards for a second until it dawned on me. lol.
hope atkins is going well for u. im very intrigued about atkins and would think that would be the best plan to go to when i get nearer goal (no need to start making those plans yet, sadly) but i dont know much about the plan itself. i may end up opting for sw (try and stick to red days for the protein) but by the time i get near goal they may have invented a magic pill anyway. hehe :party0051:

Mrs B

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Sorry I missed this first time around too, Cheryl. Just wanted to say congratulations, feels great, doesn't it?
hi cherly, well done u. It really does make a difference.Im walking everyday and my energy levels are through the roof. Its fab especially when its soo sunny these days :D

becky x

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