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Discussion in 'Exante - Diaries' started by precious, 22 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. precious

    precious Gold Member

    Hey minis,

    Happy new year my darlings how are you all -hope you all had a fabulous fabulous Christmas and new years.

    Not been on minis for what seems like forever - I've been living it up in Dubai for the last few months had a totally fabulous time and got back this weekend... I'm going back again for 8 weeks in the summer and I cannot wait - gonna be totally awesome...

    Anyhow... I'm back day one completed yesterday and day 2 today so far all going well...
    ive joined the gym which I'll be starting next week - this week I just want to ease myself into the shakes. And I need to get my gym stuff - new year new clothes and all that :D

    I hope to catch up with everyone over the coming days.... Ive got no scales so no idea what I weigh but right now my focus is just how my clothes feel...

    Soooo let's crack on this is OUR year happy Tuesday everyone

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  3. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    Good luck! :) xx
  4. precious

    precious Gold Member

    Day 2 done - not struggling as such but guess the little voice sometimes thinks differently gotta shake them off and carry on ...

    Was out shopping earlier and bought a couple of tops hoping they will spur me on :)

    Hope everyone's had a good day pxx
  5. precious

    precious Gold Member

    Thank you my lovely :)
  6. KatieLouise23

    KatieLouise23 Full Member

    Yay I found your diary!!! Look forward to reading your progress. I am joining a gym next week :/ xx
  7. precious

    precious Gold Member

    Day 5 - still going strong

    Another pack left to have and some coke zero as a treat looking forward to it :)

    Have a top weekend everyone

    Happy Friday

  8. Little-Miss-Perfect

    Little-Miss-Perfect Doing it exante style :)

    Well done darlin xx
  9. notsoskinnymarge

    notsoskinnymarge Gold Member

    Hey Precious :D
    How are you doing ?
  10. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    Hey Precious I'm back to, another dress to fit into for my 40th in a couple of weeks!! How you getting on?
  11. valentine

    valentine miss yo yo

    hellloooooo Presh!!!!!!!!! where are ya? are ya still with us huni? how ya doing babe? x x x x

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