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woop woop I got my 6 stone......


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Wow you look bloody fantastic well done hun. When i see pictures like yours it gives me the motivation to carry on with this diet and do as well as you have done. When did you start the diet?How long did it take to lose that 6stone? xxx


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welll done wow thats amazing good on u keep it up


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S: 17st11lb C: 17st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 39.9 Loss: 0st2lb(0.8%)
Thanks guys

CDCing is going great I am enjoying it.

It took me 7 months to lose 5 stone then after xmas I fell on and off the wagon loads and I have only just sorted my head out again so it wouldn't have taken me so long if I had keep to the plan
S: 13st3lb G: 10st0lb
Well Done Kerry!!! Nice to see you still "at it". :)
Your pictures are fantastic!!!
I stayed on CD until about last Aug/Sept ish and had like 3 holidays, going away stuff... then I decided to have a break, christmas came and went and I have put a bit back on.
To be honest I am pleased because I have had bouts of healthy eating, but bouts of piggy face-stuffing too! And I have put 10lbs back on from my hol weight.

So ... day 3 of the restart for me. Time to shift that 10lbs back off, and maybe some more to boot this time as I didn't get to goal last time. I have to say that I am really pleased it didn't just all rebound back on.

We will be moving house in the next couple of months, and that will be stressful enough, so I don't want to be feeling down because of chunkiness, lol. New area, and smaller me please.

I have just had a butterscotch shake divided into two. One half warm with psyllium husks and the other smoothied to oblivion with ice. Very nice indeed, and I am stuffed!
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Slow & steady does it!!!!
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Brilliant Kerry! :D

Well done, that's amazing. x x :bliss:

Mrs Taurus

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Well done Kerry,and well done on getting your head sorted after the xmas blip-unlike myself-xmas grrrrrr! x


needs a real kick in the
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well done, you look really good, xx


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Kerry, Congratulations - I am sure you will get to your goal. You have been so strong in getting your head sorted - I have been off track and it has taken me such a long time to get back on track. It's an inspiration to see your photos! Well done!


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You look fantastic, Well done xx


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well done, your looking really good, betmyou feel good to;)


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Congratulations and well done!:happy096:

You look fabulous and so much younger!

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