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Woops.. I ate some bad things!!!


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Ahh im angry at myself i've only been doing this a few days and have done it before in the past. But today i don't know what came over me maybe something to do with TOTM? haha but i started out good bowl of cereal and little milk and then i went out with my boyfriend and had the glorious idea "oh why don't we go for lunch" mainly because by this point i was getting hungry and also because i had not been food shopping yet. So we go to this cafe thing and i ate.... ooh noo here it comes a pita bread with onions and tomatoes and im not sure what cheese it was it was white but still unsure what type.. with a few chips and some taksiki? sorry not sure how to spell it on the side with a diet coke and 1 beer!!!!

So I figured ok ill count them as some syns for the day and put it behind me it happened end of story.... Then i got home and went to the shop to buy some ciggys,diet coke, and water and on my way to the till some twistos (basically like crisps but mini bread things (not sure if they have them in england) small packet the size of crisps and 135cals anyways they seemed to leap into my arms and before i knew it was munching away on them!!! i feel soooo bad but im not going to let it stop me, i just need to keep on track again tomorrow and do some exercising again (didnt do it today as muscles are sooo sore!)

Also i decided not to eat dinner tonight because i think ive had enough for the day already!!!

Ahhhh silly me... sorry i just had to vent out some fustration about it and i thought here would be the best place!!!

so come on tomorrow so i can get back on track :)

Hope everyone is doing well!

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You should still have dinner but maybe count today as a flexible syn day. Its good that you are still carrying on with it.


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Just draw a line under it Huney and carry on. We all have days like that! I find the start of a new plan takes a while to get into, your body is in a flat panic! If you just carry on as if nothings happened you won't have done much damage.


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S: 11st1lb C: 9st10lb G: 8st13lb BMI: 21.3 Loss: 1st5lb(12.26%)
Thank you for the reply's :) Today i feel alot better and am on track again. I agree with you judimac that a new plan takes a while to get into. I didn't have any dinner last night, because i was still full up from everything i had ate during the day and also when i posted it was already late at night.

Today i got on my scales, to see if much damage had been done and to my surprise it went down by 1lb!!!! :) i wish i could join a group though and do the proper weigh ins but there are no slimming world clubs in cancun... its times like these i miss living in england. Oh well main thing is to stick with it and keep going!! :)

Hope everyone is having a good day

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