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Woopy doo day 4 soooo hard !!

Hi everyone i went to my friends and weighed myself on her scales(i know i shouldnt have done). i was trying to motivate myself, but the scales say i have stayed the same and im absolutley gutted:cry:. Im finding it really hard today im tired, im not hungry, im missing eating nice meals with the kids. I made them lasagne( my fav) for tea and could have ate the whole lot. Im worrying now that maybe the pain killers im taking are fattening, how ridiculous is that (diclofenac and co-codamol) and Lansoprazole in case they give me an ulcer. Im really upset yes i know her scales could be different than the chemists scale. I lost 7 pounds the first week with ww and i ate food, i will be gutted if i havent lost weight on Monday after all the not eating ive been doing. Sorry for whinging and everything im just feeling sorry for myself x:mad:
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I will be skinny again!!!
Hey dont worry!! thats what teh bord is here for!!

If you were on a diet before LT then you wont have a big a loss as everyone else on your first week as the big loss is mostly water and glycogen stores..

You will lose weight but your only on day 4 so you probably wont be in ketosis yet which is when you start to burn fat...

And plus your friends scales could be out by as much as like 6lbs maybe even more...

Dont worry you will loose :)

And NO MORE sneaky weigh ins!! Or else ill have to shout at you :p
I understand you completely. I have watched my husband have pudding and chips from the chipshop for his lunch. Although I did not want any it made me think that i better of lost some weight when I get on them scales. I would completely disregard what the scales said and push forward for your weigh in on monday. It will be worth it, WE CAN DO IT. i am on the same day as you are so lets do it !! xxx


I will be skinny again!!!

You two should buddy up!!

Its good to have some one else to be a buddy with, with the same weigh in day...

Because then when you go to cheat... You think not only are you letting yourself down but you will also be letting your buddy down :p
Dont feel bad, there will almost definetly be a different loss at your WI as one of the other girls said about the difference in scales!
Ha ha if he had eaten pudding and chips yesterday i would of chewed his arm off ha ha. Yeah i am up for a buddy. that sound good.We can keep each other motivated. Am stlll working this forum out so you will have to bear with me. x x This forum is fantastic isnt it?


It really does work! :)
Alibambino, I'm another one who started the same day as you....we all posted in the same thread about it.

I too have found today quite hard...had flapjacks...fortunately ChellyWellyBoot kept me company and light hearted throughout the day, so having a buddy on here really does help.

I even subjected myself to some sado-masochism tonight and made tea for the family (I usually do all the cooking, but I've been trying to avoid the kitchen). I was quite surprised how easy it was to not nibble...then again, after having the flapjacks, I wanted a shake anyway! lmoa.

Anyway, like you've been told, no more sneaky weigh-ins and we'll all see how we did on Monday. ;)

Besides, you're only down the road from me, so will come and sort you out if you cheat! lol


I will be skinny again!!!
Ooooh now thats an even bigger threat than me shouting at you!! lol!!!

Ooooh... You should all buddy up and become the three muskateers :)
Lol thats cheered me up no end, yes lets be the three musketeers !! one for one and one for all ( or something like that) lol. Lets do it for Lancashire lol. See how great you lot are, huge thanks x

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