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Wooster's Veggie RTM

Hi all

I've been lurking on here for long enough now, taking all the great advice, that I thought it was about time I contributed!

Tomorrow I start RTM, so thought it might help some of the veggies out there to see what you can have.

The story so far... started 3rd June and have now lost 6 stone and 0.25 pounds after 148 days of total abstinence. Although I'm not quite at a 'healthy' BMI, I'm starting to get dizzy spells and the hairloss is a bit of a worry, so I've decided to start RTM a bit earlier than planned.

Tomorrow night I plan on settling down with 2 quorn fillets and I'm going to savour every mouthfull. I've researched 101 things to do with cottage cheese and tofu so be prepared for some very strange and varied recipes!

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Hey welcome Wooster!

Veggie recipes will be very welcome as my OH is veggie and eats lots of quorn and mushrooms :) Being able to suggest variety we could both enjoy while I'm in RTM would be great!

hi there
good luck with your RTM

i'm veggie (well apart from fish occasionally - actually in the first few weeks of RTM i ate more than ive ever done as i was craving it, but back to normal now!)

i used to hate tofu and love quorn but now i eat loads of tofu and have gone off quorn as my tastes have changed since finishing LL

well done on your great weight loss so far
daisy x


Gotta Make A Change
i look forward to the veggie recipes :)
i love quorn :)


Playing the Angel
Welcome Wooster,

I am so looking forward to reading your thread. Being a chef recipes just toally excite me!!! I am sure you are going to show us some wonderful ways with veggie food.

Ooh now the pressure is on to come up with some edible recipes! I'm off to Chinatown tonight to stock up on Tofu, but tonight will just be 2 quorn fillets poached in Marigold. The night in is planned and I might even light some candles to mark the occasion!

I'm going to get myself a new food processor to mark my transition into the world of food. Any suggestions? I can spend up to £100 but it need to be quite compact as I have very little kitchen space to spare. I have seen a Kenwood compact one which looks quite good.

I've been googling tofu and cottage cheese recipes and there are some absolute corkers out there. I've made a baked cottage cheese quiche before which was lovely, but I just need to wait until I can cook the veg for that. It's lovely hot or cold so reckon could be a staple for me. Scrambled tofu sounds nice, and maybe a low cal cheesecake concoction, tofu pancakes... Think it's the cooking that I've missed more than the eating!

Just remembered - any recommendations for powdered sweetener??
Hi Wooster!

Well done with your weight loss and good luck on RTM! I also started LL on 4th June and start RTM next week on 4th Nov. I am not veggie although I do enjoy alot of veggie foods!

I look forward to seeing your recipes!

Kat xx


Happy in my own skin
Welcome to our little sanctuary on the web here. Pull up a chair and get comfy for the duration of RTM. Looking forward to reading your journal.....good luck with your first meal...:)


Happy in my own skin
Ps Podered sweetner, I've used quite a few and don't have any preference. Is it for cooking or just adding to drinks?
It's for cooking with - I've seen a recipe for slices of Tofu topped with Soy sauce and powdered sweetener and it sounds delicious. Maybe I'll just experiement with a few. I want to keep away from too many artificial flavourings and ingredients but I guess some can't really be avoided unless I want to use the high cal versions.

Quorn fillets and cottage cheese all ready for tonight's meal. Is there a list of portion sizes anywhere? I remember reading that it's 2 fillets per portion, but not sure about the cottage cheese. Thanks.
Well, what an anti-climax! Not sure if I expected a fanfare or a chorus of angels but would rather have had a porridge. I poached a quorn fillet in marigold and a bit of tabasco, with some cottage cheese on the side. Very bland and in need of some more herbs and spices. Bring on day 3 when I can have those!

I bought about a 12 week supply of tofu in Chinatown so looking forward to trying out some recipes with that. Also got some seaweed sheets to experiement with veggie sushi - thought of trying the cauliflower rice with it.

Morticia - the sweetener is for using in cooking as I've seen a recipe for soya sauce and sweetener sprinkled over tofu and baked. Sounds lovely.

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of the weekend.



Playing the Angel
Hey Wooster

You can buy the flavoured tofus which are great. Also they marinade really well, soy, ginger, chili and garlic etc, Quark works really well for baking and would be great in a quiche when you are in week 3 with whole eggs, and week 4 with cooked veg. I am not sure how well the cauli rice will work with nori as it is very wet and sushi rice is more dry and sticky, but dying to know if it works, so keep me updated. As for cooking you can use splenda, they even have a brown sugar variety, and there is a product called fruisana which is very low GI and made of pure fructose. There are also so many fantastic seasonal veggies out there that you can make use of, just give it a few weeks till the list increases :)

Thanks for the advice Jez. Just got back from Sainsbury's and I've got a lovely full fridge for the first time in 6 months! I've got 3 lots of tofu marinading - one in a thai style, one chinese and one indian. All with lots of garlic and herbs. The kitchen smells lovely!

A few discoveries in Sainsbury's: their BGTY salad dressings are the lowest fat I've found (1%) and have some great flavours; also, I've ordered some vegetarian low sugar jelly online but it hasn't arrived yet, so I've got a couple of sachets of the WW jelly which is veggie.

Can't wait for my tofu/salad combo tonight. Think I'll stick it in the oven as the whole poaching experiment on day one was a bit of a let down.

A slight lightbulb moment as I stuck exactly to what was on my list (never did that!), and I am now planning how much food I need for each day, as and when new food is introduced. I like the structure of this and it will mean no more wasted or excess food. Glad I've learnt something after all this time ;-)
Lost my post! grrrrrr......

Did my Sainsbury's shop and I've currently got 3 lost of tofu marinating in thai spices, chinese spices and a curry extravaganza. Lots of garlic! Can't wait to try one of them for tea tonight.

I did find the Sainsbury's BGTY salad dressings that are less than 1% fat and coming in some great flavours - think they're the lowest fat ones out there and really cheap as well. Slightly overexcited at the salad I'm going to create tonight to go with my tofu. Never used chicory before but it was on my list so thought I'd give it a go.

I also found some sachets of WW jelly that are veggie. I've ordered some online for next week from Sweet 'n Low as veggie jelly is difficult to find usually but no sign of them yet. Has anyone tried adding a shake mix to jelly for a blancmange?

I do feel slightly overwhelmed by all the food choices I've got at the moment but trying to stay calm and not get too overexcited by the options available. The potential to go a bit mental and have a binge, even on something 'healthy' is definitely still there...

Jez - food heaven for me is a simple plate of steamed veggies so can't wait for a few weeks' time when I get to have some. Counting down to beetroot in week 5 as I love it roasted with cumin along with sweet potatoes and carrot. Comfort eating at it's best!
Hey wooster! The Hartley's sugar free jellies in Tescos/Sainsbury's etc are veggie. It's cheaper if you get it and make it up but I like the convenience and portion control of them in their little pots!


Staff member
Hi Wooster,

When you are a newbie the post go through an automatic spam filter, but sometimes the software automatically moderates post that are okay thinking they are spam...

I have deleted some of the posts that were moderated as well as duplicated and approved the others.

Love Mini xxx
Ooh yes I've had those in the past - 10 cals I think. Assumed I might be having jelly as a mainstay in my diet so thought I'd bulk buy! I've got some ramekin dishes for the jelly as I know that portion control will be a factor for me. Will ensure that I don't make up too many to take away temptation.

Just had cottage cheese with vanilla and splenda. Gorgeous!! Went waaaaay overboard with the flavours I used on my Tofu but was still delicious. Less is more I reckon.


Playing the Angel
Hey Wooster

I love the hartleys SF jelly, have them daily. I found little tupperwear style containers in Morrisons so use those for a portion - they have lids so you can take them to work etc. The BGTY Dressings are a total life saver, I have most of them. For a blacmange type thing you can use quark with jelly which is great, and you also get a veggie gel in sainsburys so you can make your own fruit jellys or terrines later on when fruit is introduced. With the tofu, when we do it at work, we often sear it on a chargrill so it gets an amazing bbq flavour. I found a cheapie grill in ikea think it was about £6. I do a lot of meat on there as you can do it fat free.


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