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work not helping

S: 13st13lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st5lb Loss: 0st6lb(3.08%)

after 11 years of being over weight i decided enough was enough and have started tfr.I am on day 8.it is one of the hardest things i have ever done,but reading the posts on this site have kept me spurred on. ;). most days i can cope with the hunger which i hope will pass soon but working in a take away has its struggles.:sigh:
.I was worried if i could be drinking too much water(around 5-6 litres). I had my first wi on day 6 and lost 6lbs(thought it would be more) but was happy as its still a big loss. will dinking too much water cause any problems. any info would be a great help.:confused:
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Hi, I have a take away myself. And I work most nights, unless hubby does a night for me :) You shouldnt be hungry when your in ketosis :s I find the picking I used to do hardest, a chip here, nugget there etc.... but now it doesnt bother me. As to your water intake I think they say between 3 - 4 litres max, thats including water used in shakes. 6lbs is still good for first week though. :) xx


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S: 18st8lb C: 18st4lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 0st4lb(1.54%)
Sorry I fogot to say Welcome. oops


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Hello and welcome to the forum :)

Well done for getting to day 8 thats great going, also beating the temptation you are surrounded by at work is a great achievement.

If you've managed 8 days you know you can resist the temptation and do this diet 100% .. so set a mini goal to do the next 8 days .. taking it 8 days at a time may help. Whatever you decide though you can do it and will succeed and put 11 years of being overweight behind you :)

I personally drink 4 litres of water, thats what i was advised to drink when i started the diet ... not sure if 6 litres is too much and will affect weight loss sorry.

Good luck on your journey, keep posting and be positive :) x


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Hello Kittycats and welcome to the forum.

I have been told that you should not drink more than the 4 litres (8pint) limit of water purely because you are in danger of washing away vital nutirents from your body and that will leave you weak and eventually poorly.

You are truly amazing to be working in that enviroment and still keeping 100%, well done. I'm just starting week three and I'm still suffering from hunger pains even though I do not want food. Others say the same, it seems to vary from person to person but I am hoping that it will get better as I go along, and I'm sure it will.

Best of luck for the coming weeks and don't forget to keep us posted! x
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Well done for getting to day 8 - I'm just a week ahead of you. I read on a sticky thread that is should be 3 litres of water but no more than 4 other wise the body has trouble processing it and vital electrolytes can be lost with excess water ( think that was the science behind it !).

As for working in a take away - are you fed up with the smell of the same food? I thought it would put you off. Just think everyone is eating junk / fatty food if it helps you to feel more saintly! Well done - you must have extremely good willpower x


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hey, welcome!
I did drink 6 litres for a while, but it made me very dizzy! Like, VERY dizzy!!
Try not to have any more than 4 litres including packs and tea/coffee.

Well done you by the way, i couldn't work with food!! x
S: 13st13lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st5lb Loss: 0st6lb(3.08%)
thanks everyone, went to work today and things were a bit easier... just kept thinking i can do this


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S: 18st8lb C: 18st4lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 0st4lb(1.54%)
Glad to see you got on okay :) xx


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wow - well done you for being able to work in that environment, i couldn't do it!!
My chemist said 4 litre including shakes, but I know on the bags it says at least 2 - so there is conflicting advice out there.
Good Luck for the following week.

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