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Work out dvds

Davina McCall ones are really good but boy do you need alot of energy. Not much space is needed and no special equipment. The new one looks good. x
Great ..thanks Kelly :)


Losing the mummy fat
Not tried the Davina one, but I got te pussycat dolls one today and its fab, am completely shattered now!
Not tried the Davina one, but I got te pussycat dolls one today and its fab, am completely shattered now!

I was thinking about getting the pussycat doll one - I get bored easily- is it repetitive?
Have just gotten the new Davina "Fit" dvd. Will try out tomorrow.
Check the prices on amazon too! I got the new ministry of sound dvd, and it was out of stock on the HMV site, so I used amazon instead. I paid extra to get express delivery, and it actually still cost less than it would have from HMV!


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Davinas are the best!! Ive tried a few and found the ministry of sound ones far too hard and settled on Davina its brill!!
I had the Beverely Callard one's (Liz from Corrie) and loved them! But while i have found the dvd cases I can't find the DVDs. They were brilliant cos the instruction was really clear, she had a class of about 8 doing it with her and they were all at different intensities and sizes so it met many needs. I did it religously at one stage and got really fit from it.


Losing the mummy fat
I used the Ministry of Sound ones and loved them but haven't touched them since getting my wii!

Everyone I know that has tried Davina really likes them.
I have the ministy of sound ones too but I find the choreography quite hard on a few, altho its probs me cause I haven't got any co-ordination! LOL
Gareth? As in Gareth Gates??? :-o
Ahh... that makes a bit more sense.. The mind was boggling at the other visual! lol
I did the new ministry of sound dvd for the second time today. Yes, I'm absolutely crap at keeping up with the choreography, yes I did have to stop and wonder what the heck they were doing, and yes, I collapsed into a heap on the sofa the minute I was done. But you know what? I did better than the last time. I like it right now because it's keeping me interested, and keeps me trying to learn the right moves.

I don't have a huge amount to lose, but I have poor stamina, and I think this should really help.

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