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Work Rant

Okay I am getting v v v annoyed with my work and I need to get it off my chest.

I work in sales, I get paid commission. At least I should get paid commission. I have worked for my company for a year. In that time they have failed to pay my commission correctly every month. It is only because I keep an eye on it that I even know that its wrong.

This month is the last straw because they have just set me what they will be paying me, and its £760 less than it should be. I dont' know anyone who can afford to loose out on that kind of money, and our financial controller seems to think she can blag me on it, saying I don't get it till the end of October. I am raging. What makes it even worse is that a week ago she asked me if there were any specifc commissions I was expecting - I told her about this one, and now she's saying I never told her!! I have it on email!!!

This is on top of the fact that 3 months in a row she hasn't paid my expenses on time and I've had to chase her on them.

Time for a new job me thinks
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Urgh that's sooo annoying I used to work in sales.. It's a general headache but not to be paid what you are owed is ridiculous! can you speak to someone in HR, check your contract what date your commission is supposed to be paid and expenses and arrange a meeting! I'm sorry but noone can afford to lose out on that sort of money and you should be paid what you are owed on a monthly basis!!
Unfortunately i work for a v small company so there is no HR department. My contract doean't state when commissions will be paid, and in fact it also says that i 'may' be eligible for the company commission scheme not 'will'. I have no leg to stand on! This job was supposed to be a less stressful one, slightly less money & not at good benefits, but less stress & no extra hours - its now turning into such a joke on the financial side i can't really afford to mess around with it anymore!

Had a phone interview today for a much larger global company & have a face to face with them next week. Fingers crossed


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Sounds like another smaller company with a "cashflow problem" - i.e. they're skint! - either that or totally incompetent and trying it on. Possibly a combination of all three!

I think you do the right thing. In an ideal world less stress would be better, but £760 a month is a bit of a shortfall.

Good luck with the face-to-face!



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First of all love the avatar !!

I agree, time to call it a day. I think the writing is on the wall...........time to walk.

Good luck with the interview,

hugs xxxx


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good luck with your interview, better off changing jobs, they dont sound reliable at all
I'm glad its not just me. I came home last night and said to the OH' can you believe they've got my commission wrong again?' and he just replied 'yes - I can believe it. I can't believe it surprises you anymore'. Bit of a wake up call tbh - There was me naively thinking that small companies look after their staff. Turns out I was better off in the big bad US owned multinational.


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Good luck with your interview, perhaps talk to citizen's advice about your contract and money owed, see if there is a way you can get it all before you leave for bigger and better things!

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