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Working away and WI problem

Hey all

In my job I have to work away for 6 weeks throughout the year. This is Monday to Saturday (I get back around 5pm on the Sat).

This causes me a problem with attending WI that week. There is no SW class near where I'm working away (and I couldn't leave the premises anyway, I work with young people).

I don't want to use a holiday for each of these weeks cos then i have no holidays left for actual holidays.

SW don't seem to operate any classes on a Sunday.

My normal WI day is a Tuesday. So I was wondering if I could then WI on the following Saturday to count for the week that I'm away, or does that not count cos I will be in effect weighing twice in a week?

Any suggestions?

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I work away all the time, and because of this don't attend class as it is too complicated- as you are finding! I do SW through the SW bodyoptimise website. I still get all the access and help, but don't get to go to an actual class. I take my scales with me when I am away and always have WI at the same time each week- wherever I am in the country!

I find this works perfectly for me - some people have said they need the discipline of a class, but I find that paying for a membership and getting that e-mail to WI each week (and wanting to lose weight very much) is enough discipline for me!

Thanks cocktailprincess.

I think I'll have a look into the online option. Is it more expensive than class? To be honest I vary rarely stay to class, because I WI all over the place due to work or social occassions.

But I'm not so sure how harsh I'll be on myself if I put on weight. If I do put on, I always stay to class!

I think it works out cheaper, but you have to pay in advance. Can't remember what I paid initially, but I know when I re-subscribed I got a good deal as I paid for a year up-front. It was a big lump-sum to part with at once, but I knew if I paid in advance I would stick it out!

Don't think in terms of being hard on yourself if you gain- think in terms of rewards for losses and encouragement for difficult times- this has got me through the last 14 months and I am more determined today than ever to get to my goal.

Any questions, give us a shout (this forum is like a class anyway!)

Good luck


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