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Working out allowances?

I'm new here just trying out slimmingworld but as thick as I may sound, I don't get it completely. I get I can have up to 15 syns a day and there is green and red days, but am I limited to a set number of things to reeach a certain weight or am I making it overly complicated? Is it just a red or green day and how many of each per week? I hope i've posted this in the right place because i'm a tad confused even after reading the bumpf that you get :confused:
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Your consultant should have laid out the three options clearly for you, but anyways, check out the board and threads for new members. There is already a lot of very well worded info on there to get you going!

Good luck!

Basically on red or green plan:
Free food= free= unlimited
Healthy extras= your choice 1 or 2 A choices and 2 B choices = these are in measured amounts
Syns= in very carefully measured amounts! 5 to 15 per day

For Extra Easy
Free= Free
Healthy Extras= 1 each of A choice and B choice
Syns= measured
In addition, you need to have a third of plate as superfree food

All should be in your food optimising book :)
Hi Lornagrace,
thanks for the link, I wont be starting until next month due to holidays, I kinda get my head round it more now but the thing that puzzles me is Healthy Extras
You should be having A’s and B’s, 2 or 4 depending on the day. Healthy Extra’s are in the plan to make sure we get the nutrients our body needs; protein, carbohydrates, fibre, calcium, and fat. Plus all the vitamins and minerals we need. The reason these foods are limited is because whilst they are good for us, when eaten in excess they cause weight gain – so it’s very important to measure them correctly and not to guesstimate. (Each HE is approx 6 syns if you want to have additional amounts and syn them)

The healthy extras bit,what are classed as healthy extras, what is the difference between A and B, and how do you decide between 2 and 4. You probably think I am a muppet asking these questions but I want to get it right.
Thanks hun...xx
On EE you must have one A and one B.
On Green/Red you can have 1 OR 2 A choices (just depends on how you feel that day, maybe if you want cheese and milk, or not), and must have 2 B choices.

A choices are normally dairy, so milk and cheese.
B choices are normally fibre, so cereals and bread.

There are pages in you book with all the options on.

OP = Have you joined at a class? Just wondered if you have all the upto date books, as i think the older ones are quite complicated. x
The mist is starting to clear now :O), no not joined a class yet, will do as soon as I get back though, another question, when I do join do I get all the books or do I have to buy them seperatley...Thanks...xx
You'll get a joining pack which has the Food Optimising book in it, with all the information in, and some basic syn values. You'll also get free access to Slimming World Online for as long as you are a member of a group, and that has loads of stuff on there - syn values, free foods, healthy extras, recipes etc etc.

In your first meeting your consultant will go through the Food Optimising book with you and make sure you're happy with all the info too.

All the other group members will be helpful too - I always get really hungry talking about all the lovely food people have made!
There is a one off joining fee, £10 i think (you will get the books included and a pin code for the SW website), and £4.95 for the group meeting, so total you would pay is £15. There is normally offers on though, and if you go with an existing member they would get a free week!
You will get the hang of it in no time! x

sorry ruthiebusybee - missed your post! x
You'll find it great, once you get into it! Its always good to have the book to hand though, even when you've been doing it a while ;) !

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