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Working out and losses on SS


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Hi all, I wonder if anyone would share their experiences or any advice they've been given on working out while on SS?

I am keen to tone up and increase my fitness (I used to be pretty fit, but a year or so on my bum has made it a distant memory!) before getting to goal, and especially if it will help speed things along.

However, I have heard things about working out actually slowing down weightloss, or interfering with ketosis, and if anyone happens to be clued up on this I'd love to know: any moderators?

My boyfriend uses stretchy resistance tubes at home for toning and showed me how to do a full toning workout with them this week- I have done it twice this week and it is a good all over workout, really gets the muscles singing! BUT I have felt tired on the diet ONLY since I have done this- even fell asleep the first afternoon after doing it.

Is this a sign that it is too much? Do I risk making myself feel lousy if I continue? I was also planning to VERY slowly buildup to running again- is this a bad idea?

Any thoughts most appreciated. :wave_cry:
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I would also love to hear the comments on this as i too am in a similar situation.


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I was actually wondering that too - as i've started doing 30 mins a day on the mini stepper.
To be honest though i think i'd rather have the weight loss slow down and lose the inches and tone up rather than not exercise at all.
But if anyone's about who knows........... xx


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i'm sure a mod or experienced cd'er will be able to give the answers soon :)


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Hello you friendly Mods, any advice on this? Thanks!
I can't help much on this though i plan to start doing light exercise, swimming, walking etc. I don't want to do too much both because i'm not taking in much in the way of calories and also because i want to step up to much more exercise once i'm maintaining so i can help keep the weight off and enjoy meals.


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I'm not going to do any exercise until I'm off SS and pretty much near my target weight. I went to the gym last year and just got so puffed out every time I did anything, it really put me off, and I don't want to go and do something I hate - once I'm a lot lighter, I'm sure I will learn to enjoy it and put the bad experiences behind me. I'm already feeling more energetic but have a long way to go yet!

I went clubbing last weekend for the first time in ages, and danced my feet off - without really thinking about what I was doing. I was SO tired for the next few days, really creased! :party0048: Although I had a great time, I think I've proved to myself that a lot of exercise at this time is probably NOT a good thing, so will be taking it a little easier for the rest of the time I'm on SS!


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