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Workout/fitness DVD


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I think the claire from steps one is quite good from what I have heard. And she was big when she started it. I have got the Dirty Dancing one but from the reviews that I have read about it, it's rubbish! So think I might just dance around the living room listening to my fav tunes.


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I just got Coleen Nolan's new one and its really good. I have ordered the Claire from steps one and look forward to trying that too. I am going to try do them at least 3x a week.

Lil K

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Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Clubs - UK - Rosemary Conley Salsacise DVD Box Set this oe is good for allevels and its fun as your dancing
I have davina power off three as well which iw only 30 mins so thats good for all levels as you can do 1 or 2 workouts

I agree the Rosemary Conley Salsacise ones are a good bet to start off. It's low impact mostly 'walking' steps with arm/hip movements. I think the first part showing you the basic steps lasts about 20-25 mins (which can be a workout on its own) then there is a more advanced part that lasts about 30 mins (which you can also use on its own). The advanced is more or less the same sort of steps, but more up tempo.

I would definitely recommend it if you are unfit, out of a regular excercise routine, or have to watch your joints.

Its a good one to start off your fitness plan, as it shouldn't leave you feeling half dead after the first attempt, and finding its way to the back of the cupboard :p

I tend to use it if i've let my exercising lapse :whoopass:, if i've been ill, or if I want a lower impact/quicker routine in between some of my other more intense workout DVD's.

Whatever you decide, have fun!


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I just bought the Claire from Steps one but haven't tried it yet as it's not working on my DVD player and took ages to load on the computer. This is my second copy and both wouldn't load on my player so I hope you have better luck!


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I like RC, she tells you what you are going to do next, and theres always someone doing the easy version. I also like yogalates for when I don't feel like jigging around, but you do get hot and boy can you feel your abs next day! I have one called yoga for real women, specially for big girls and the woman that does it is large too. Got that very cheaply on Play.com after reading the book from the library.


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I love rosmary conoly's fat attack and fat burner. I got a box set of 3 for only £12.99. I have more like davina etc but i find rosie the best x
taebo is amazing!


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I like Davina's dvd and the ministry ones but they do involve a fair bit of jumping around. Yoga or pilates are great and you can do easier versions of the moves until you're up to speed - they do the ones geared towards weight loss so that might be good to try. You'll soon be finding them easier I'm sure x


Where's Skinny Minnie?
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ps loving your profile pic :)
I haven't got one but if i were to buy one judging from who's got one out at the mo Claire from Steps would win hands down...
She was big b4 and that would defo give me inspiration she looks fab now!


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I just watched the Claire/Steps one last night (I always watch first and 'do' later...hahaha). Blimey - the warm up alone looks like it might kill me! hahaha Looks difficult but I'm looking forward to seeing how much I can do and then seeing how I improve. It looks like good fun and has a taebo-type (combat) section to it. It's divided into 5 sections (warm up; aerobics; combat; toning; cool down) and you can pick and choose which ones you do so you don't have to do all of them.

My only complaint was that the music wasn't loud enough. However, she is surrounded by 3 'backing' exercise soldiers who at one point mysteriously lose their shirts and that is rather entertaining! :flirt2:
FHM High Street Honeys. Believe it or not lol.

Even if the girls are natural skinny minnies. xx


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i do ministry of sound PUMP IT UP but if u don't like dance music then go for one of davinas which i use when im fed up with ministry of sound.

Lil K

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Thanks everyone, Don't think i'll be getting any after all. OH has bought me a cross trainer :D So hopefully i can do that regulary without dying

Nice one - what a good OH! Find yourself some good motivational tunes to get you in the mood and hop on :whacky068: (not quite a cross trainer, I know, but its the closest I could find ;))


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I would reccomend the Davina ones, they tend to be good..

I got the Strictly Come Dancing one last year and its so hard, ive only had it on once so avoid that! lol

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