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Worried about my little girl, any advise??


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I'd speak to your health visitor if your worried, although, my neice never crawled at all, she went from bum shuffling to walking, some do I suppose. Not really much use I'm afraid but I'm sure its nothing to worry about.

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I'm sure its nothing to worry about. She'll probably just get up one day & walk that's what happened my friends son. Also the talking my son babbled for ages he's now 19mths and a right wee chatterbox.

I'm sure she's fine but as said check with hv if worried. X
My Son is 17mths old and won't speak a word!! I am not really worried, more frustrated as he tries to tell me things by errrrr'ing and pointing!!

My ds1 walked at 8mths, ds2 walked at 16mths and ds3 walked at 12mths......dd1 is only 9wks old, so yet to see how long she takes, but it just shows how different all babies are:)
My eldest never crawled or bum shuffled and didn't work til 15 months. Just pulled herself up, walked 3 steps and fell down. Within 6 months she ahd walked a mile to town and back!!!The little one walked at 9 months but has refused to walk anywhere without a fuss since! As for talking, I really can't remember. Theya re also very different. Talk to your HV if you're worried but I really wouldn't worry too much
There is probably absolutely nothing at all to be concerned about but the only thing that will set your mind at rest is to have him checked out.

Let us know.
my cousins wee man wouldnt even put his feet on the floor if you held him, he started crawling shortly after his 1st birthday but needed physio so he would put his feet on the ground and pressure on them, he is now 23 months and started walking properly within the last 2months. Last time i saw him he was running around as if he had been on his feet for years!

Speak to your health visitor if your worried, they are usually very good at knowing when/if they need to be referred on for a more specialized opinion/treatment if necessary
My son is autistic. He bum shuffled and didn't speak, so although I think everyone is right to say not to worry, it won't hurt to have everything checked.
I'm sure everything is alright, but it'd best to check. (I'm not meaning to worry you)
Thanks everyone, I'm taking her to dr on Monday but a GP friend of mine thinks she should be seen by a pediatrician. I'm just hoping it's nothing to worry about. The health visitor didn't seem too worried so we'll see.
when was the last time she had a hearing test? does she suffer from frequent colds? I wouldnt be concerned at the bum shuffling as others have said and the babbling could be a symptom of glue ear perhaps? meaning she is not picking up words as clearly thats all
I know it's easy for us to say don't worry but you do.

All I can add is 'we're all walking now'. She'll do it in her own time.
Hear, hear !!!! and when they do start we sometimes wish they hadn't !!!

Let us know how you get on.
Let us know what they say


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