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Worried about the fat


plodding away
Am considering a low carb diet as I def feel better when I dont eat so many, but I am worried about the amount of fat eaten. :confused: Probably due to years of being brainwashed into the low fat eating approach - it its so good how come I'm still fat :sigh:

I've never really tried a low carb eating plan before so am fact finding. I Keep thinking how can you lose weight while eating a lot of fat, I know it does work cos have seen the results some of you have had. Still am concerned about it though and any health impications it may have.

Can anyone help please?
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Hi vanda and welcome.. I suggest you read the stickies in this forum it has a load of information.. I can say that I lost my weight by low carbing and I'm healthy as a horse actually more healthier than I was when I tried a low calorie diet. however I will say say that atkins isn't for everyone.. One of my friends didnt like atkins and went on to lose over 50 pounds on a low calorie diet.. so to each it's own.. but I will say the media has given the atkins diet a bad name.. I can say I'm not dead and didnt have any problems and there are a few others on here who can say the same..

good luck with whatever you decided :)
Hi Vanda,

Yes ditto what Morenachica says love. The basic rule of Atkins is that you need to eat fat to burn fat.
Good advice More, Jim n Laura - as always! :D Sadly it won't let me give you all more rep points though. But just wanted to say that it's all sound advice given from you all again.

I can understand what you may be feeling vanda, it's sure hard to get your head around the atkins approach. Once you give it a go though and throw all the previous preconceptions out the window regarding low cal/low fat approach to weight loss i'm sure you'll see good results. Fat burns with more energy so not only do you feel better, it fills you up for longer and doesn't give you the slump effect that carbs can.


plodding away
Thanks all for the great advice.

Have decided to go low carb and enjoy the taste of full fat instead of pretend fat - shame the fat on me wasnt only pretend.
You are welcome vanda good luck on your weight loss journey :) we are hear to encourage you and try and answer any questions that you may have :)
Hiya, just wanted to wish you luck on LC. :) When you think about it, our bodies weren't designed for a high carb diet, there was no bread, pasta, cereal in caveman days. I should be eating this way but I can't seem to stick with any plan atm.:rolleyes:
I used to feel guilty when I first started Atkins, but as the weight started falling off and I was feeling so good that wore away, watch out for the Atkins flu though, that can be a shocker.


plodding away
Am off to do my first Atkins friendly shop this afternoon.

I need cheering up after the shock of a £600 bill to get my car motd and serviced, so am looking forward to some proper fat. Fancy a nice chicken portion and I'm going to enjoy the crispy skin and proper mayo on the veg. - I am getting way to excited about this me thinks I need to get out more.
Sorry to hear about the extra expenses. Wow that sounds awful high is that normal or did you have other problems..

Hey the chicken sounds nice but remember if you are frying no flour, but if you grill the chicken with one of those grille you put on top of the burners with a little seasoning that's yummy and then add it in a salad with a little mayo very good.. I'm getting hungry thinking about it and I just ate LOL...
Best of luck Vanda, let us know how you are getting on!!


plodding away
Thanks all getting on fine and enjoyed the chicken. Enjoyed the garlic mayo on the veg even more. Full fat foods def taste so much better. Looking forward to the bacon and eggs for brunch tomorrow.

Car bill was huge cos apart from the mot and service needed 2 new tyres, new windscreen wipers, break pads and discs in the front and pads for the back wheels. I know I needed to get it done but still doesnt stop the pain.
hey there vanda well I see why your bill was high, but it was things that you definitely need if you plan on driving :p

wow the garlic mayo sounds nice.. I'm not big mayo fan but that sounds good..
Mmmm me too, that is all I use on my salad now that I know I can't have balsamic....Jx
I make my own vinaigrette Jane, just a few drops of wine vinegar and olive oil with some fresh chopped parsley and tarragon.

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