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Worried about weigh in tommorow.. :(

My week three weigh in is tomorrow.. and im worried!.. my own scales say i have gained from last weeks weigh in... which i just dont understand!... i havent done anything out of the ordinary... i have had some tiny bits of chicken in my soups some nights.and one day i had some meat for lunch.... but my CDC said this was o.k as i could do SS+ which includes a 200kcal meal everyday... im in Ketosis.. i have checked... the only thing i can think of is im a bit (*cough*) bunged up!.. so i have taken some senekot... but even after thats shifted it wont be a massive weight loss week.... :( just feeling a bit crap that i have wasted £30 on a week of not losing without knowing why!.. anyone help.. ??

Also any advice on not being so hung up and dependant on weigh days.. i am a bit obsessed... i get really scared and nervous.. and am worried that when i stop getting "weighed" i will mess it all up... :(
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Have you been measuring yourself? Just because you're not having a big loss this week doesn't mean you're not losing inches.
I've had quite a slow weight loss for the last few weeks but the fat is definately disappearing as i'm dropping in dress sizes.


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I have funny weight losses too...gain a pound (even when I have been fabulously good) and then lose four pounds overnight.
The body is a funny old thing...give it time to adjust and try not to worry too much.
You can't not lose weight on the tidgy amount of calories you're eating...so give it a few weeks before you start worrying.
If you do have a small loss or stay the same this week...you will probably have a stonker next week.
Keep up the good work...don't give in and you will be at goal before you know it.
Good luck x
Thanks..i will measure myself in the morning and... just been reading all the atkins threads.. and they all seem soooo much more happier doing that... :( God i need to stop wingeing!.. and pull my finger out!... right... time to set myself a goal i think!!!!... :) then im having a week on Breakfast - Tetra, Lunch - Bar and a Soup for Dinner.....


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How did you get on with your WI?
Not to bad... i lost 2lbs which is o.k... but i also discovered that i was doing SS wrong... i have been having a bit of chicken some days and missing a pack and on one of the days i even missed 2 packs... so she explained about being on the lowest line of calorie intake anyway with 3 packs.. so not having all of them means my body drops to low and starts holding on to everything i put in.. as it thinks im starving myself!... makes sense!... also TOTM... :) so happy that i can do this week properly! ;) x


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Good luck... 2lbs is still a good loss! Better than STS and next week you'll prob see an even BIGGER loss! It's all onwards and downwards with the lbs! :) xx
Well done :talk017:

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