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Worried I haven't lost this week


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I have followed it to the letter again but am really worried I haven't lost.

It's only my second week. I've heard of others who didn't lose or even put on during their second week and I really hope I'm not one of them. Ideally I'd like a pound loss a week from now on. I hadn't done anything differently this week at all.

Anyone else in the same boat or felt the same in their second week?

Thanks :)
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Try not to worry, if you are sticking to it you will be losing fat. You may not lose weight from one week to another as our weight fluctuates quite drastically with things other than fat. Just keep going and over time you will lose weight, but more importantly believe that on the weeks you have not lost weight you are still losing fat. Take care.
sometimes the tape measure is more of a friend than the scales!!!...on the weeks i had a STS i found that I had lost inches...always look for the bright side...and if you are sticking to your points and eating healthily you will be losing fat and weight...Keep on keeping on...Positive attitude and a smile helps lots....
Your do ok :) .. i also thought i didnt loose last week, but i lost 1 lb and it was also my TOTM too,so i was very supprised that i still lost, i dont really bother about what it says on the scales, as i go on how loose my clothes are getting, i have already gone down a dress size, from a 24 to a 22 :) so i know im heading in the right direction


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Thanks so much everyone. Just need to have more faith I guess - tomorrow isn't long away now - we shall see! Eek!

Good luck to all x
I was 1lb up last week and that was my 2nd week. I wasn't a happy bunny about it either as I had followed it to the letter too. My weigh day is Wednesday but I was naughty and weighed this morning 'just to see' and I'm 5lbs down, so don't worry about it or give up, it'll all come good in the end x
Bank holiday monday and its my weigh in day...Will let ya all know how i did later when i get back home....Good luck to everyone weighing today....xx


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Eek! I weigh myself so about to do that in a minute...had a BBQ last night but stuck to my points - we shall see if that's done any damage or not! Hope it's a not!

Good luck everyone else too x


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I have lost 0.2lbs which I'm not too happy about :(

Feel as though I've let myself down. Was really hoping for a pound at least this week :(
A loss is a loss look at it that way. Put your food diary on here you may be pointing something wrong. Ive been on the diet 10 months and still find things I am pointing wrong. Keep going you will get there.

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