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Worried... problem with exercising (below navel story..)


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Hi! I recently started exercising at home, doing some muscle training, zumba and other cardio exercises. But I've got a problem; whenever I jump, or move my legs very widely apart from each other I get a feeling like my vagina/womb was about to fall out and it's very uncomfortable! I need to hold my crotch whiles am doing these moves, or I cudn't do them. (yeah, with this problem it's good am only exercising at home.... ;) )Anyway, It wasn't like this a year ago! I went to few exercise classes and I had no problems! But just now when I started exercising again all this started. To be honest I've never in my life really been active or fit, and my bmi stayed in 40 for couple of years.. Now it's 27 or so. I tried to google my problem but all the information I found was about some prolapse.. and womb coming out.. which was mainly happening to women who were old or had given birth.. and also a lot of discussion on forums, but they were all baby-mom sites... I can't have this problem right?? I'm only 23 and don't have children. Also another problem... relating to this possibly? Two years ago I started having new kind of menstrual pain.. it's kind of a pressure like feeling... painful too.. when I'm on my period I can't stand for a very long time as it hurts so much.. I'm now worried that was the beginning of my problem and this new is following it... :(Anybody else with similar problem?
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Hi Eli,

It does sound like pro lapse so I would advise you to seek medical advise ASAP. Must be horrible for you!

Don't worry, I'm sure the docs can sort it but don't leave it any longer..

Let me know how it goes x


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Agree - if something feels wrong then you are best expert to know - so listen yourself and get off to the Gp! Hope you get sorted out soon