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worried !!

hi, just wondering if any1 else feels worried about when they start eating again!!
i`m estimating iv got another 6 weeks on lt then i should be down to goal hopefully... iv been tryin to look at low carb meals for after i finish refeed and im finding this low carb thing a little hard to grasp:sigh:
it might be just me but i dont even know how many carbs a day we need to keep healthy...
it just seems so much to take in at the moment and im petrified of putting weight back on(im starting to get used to the compliments now and i dont want to go back to being invisible to people again);)
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Hey, it is good that you are thinking about how you are going to maintain, and also good that you are enjoying your compliments.

I think the best thing is to focus on eating healthy foods and keep a record of what you eat.

Maybe conside joining a slimming group to help you maintain?

You will be fine, you just have to make the right decisions consistently!

Good luck :)
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It does worry me as well, I've thought about it a lot & come up with some strategies to stick with it, but it's still a massive concern!

Still, I think it's a good thing we're thinking about it - if we were just blindly wandering into it we'd probably be much worse off!



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It worries me as well and not even started the programme yet, just cross that bridge when you get to it.
(Just browsing the posts for inspiration, just about to start the Lighterlife programme, end of month.)


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It definetly does require forward planning and your chemist will give you info on what to do, arm yourself with a jotter and write everything down that you will be eating and do not deviate, also your water intake will need to be cut down as you will be getting water in your food, i failed with my re feed as i wasnt prepared and am now back on TFR, i hope to re feed in about 6 weeks and will be fully prepared this time, hope this helps


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I can say that the feelings are normal...I was absolutely petrified when I had to refeed for my holiday as I knew I wasnt at goal. Get onto the refeed forum and you will see how people get on and the real fears that are met and greeted differently :)

But, again, you need to address the fears because LT is not the bee all and end all...hopefully you have been using the time NOT EATING by trying to get to grips and understanding why you put the weight on in the first place. That's what I did. I never want to have to come back to LT after I hit goal because LT is not the easiest diet and really, after eating nothing, surely healthy food is a bonus! Kinda talking to myself here as well!!

I too got caught up in the carb thing and bought a book, etc, etc, etc....BUT, cutting out a food group isnt altogether healthy longterm, so really, so long as you are eating healthily then you should be ok. I personally have a problem with carbs, so have to watch them, but I never cut them out completely as I will start to become obsessive then.

Try not to worry too much and look forward to the day you can eat, and hopefully able then to make the right, healthy choice.

I have been off LT for 4 weeks with being on holiday and as my other thread says, only put on 1.1lbs as I knew I couldnt go back to eating like I did...so, I was careful and made good choices...so, it can be done although not always easy, but then again, not many things in life are! We all have to make choices every day and they are either the right ones or the wrong ones...so, need to make sure they are right :)

A bit waffly, but wanted to reassure you that it is only normal you feel worried about eating, but it can be overcome and do a little homework beforehand by looking at how the others are maintaining and refeeding too! Every little helps ;-0

Take care
dont worry I have lost another stone since ending LT. the secret is watch the calories and cut down on the carbs, but like scotsmist said dont cut out any food group completely.

I think back to LT and my mantra is remember that you coped without food for so long so do you really need that snack. I ask myself if I am really hungry, I get a glass of water DRINK THAT and then decide. I have been strict during the week but at the weekends have allowed myself alcohol and the odd treat so far this appears to be working.

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