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You will, in time. Thing is, you'll find you make the best choices. I wouldn't have sweet and sour chicken balls these days, purely because of the greasy texture, I'd be more inclined to choose something less stodgy (and I'll pinch one of hubby's chicken balls!!)
I know exactly what you mean! I've been doing SW for 2 months now, and when I first started I was paranoid about anything naughty, but you just have to do it to show that you can still lose weight if you've had a takeaway or something. A week when I had a mahoosive pizza at pizza express I lost 3lb, and last week I had a few drinks, followed by cheesy chips and hungover cheese toastie the next day and still lost 1.5lb! So don't worry about it, you can't not eat the things you like or you willgo crazy, just remember not to do it all the time...and count it in your syns, or have a flexi day :)


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:) thanks peeps I feel better now...especially as ive just had a chicken jalfrezi and glass of wine! Girlie weekend away!! Out on the town tomo...gonna try and save all my days syns for the alcohol! X


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I think I see McDonalds, Pizzas and shop bought sandwiches more as treats since I've started back on SW and not just snacks that I didn't really count as being treats :)
I think thats what great about SW, you can have these things once in a while and not feel like your whole week is shot, you just count the syns and try and account for it the rest of the week by filling up on free stuff. And it makes you really think about what you're eating. I find that where I would've just eaten something without thinking before, now I know the syns I see it as a 'waste' of syns if it isn't something that I really want and won't even enjoy that much. It just makes you make better eating decisions!

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