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My mum has just phoned me, she was really upset on the phone, she said in today's paper a girl has just died on lighter life, and begged me to come of this diet CD. I do not know what to do? but its really upseting my mum and dad.:( What do you all think about this, that poor girl, it was to do with the muscle around her heart?
I havent heard about that!! thats a bit mad...I'd be almost 100% certain that theres more to it than just the diet....its nutritionally sound and most people will be getting more vitamins etc than they do if they werent on a VLCD....wat paper is the story in€?
I dont really know....but be realistic...obesity is a massive killer on a daily basis-that is at least part of the reason a lot of people will start a VLCD. If VLCDS were going to cause death doctors would not be recommending them, doctors would not be signing off medical forms for LL nd there would be alot more than this poor woman in the papers.

TBH, this woman was 33 stone, so losing 10 stone still left her morbidly obese. It is so so so sad, and I myself have been scared that my weight would cause me health problems etc which is why I am doing CD. I think its a horrible coincidence that this happened to her at the very time she was actively trying to manage her weight. And I will stand by the fact that the papers are leaving something out
Hi hun

LL used to be 3 packs aday until they revamped and changed to 4 aday.

Thanks for finding the info Kazz. I think the paper is scare-mongering, there are no facts that VLCD can cause harm if used correctly. Tho I do think they should only be used if u have alot of weight to lose and the 3 stone minimum should be revised to 4-5 stone.

Pebbles, try not to worry hun. It's completely upto u whatever journey u decide to take. If u are worried, maybe try cambridge diet and do one of there plans that involve food - u still get good weighlosses.

Take care, much love, chelle xx
It is shocking the hear of the death of this woman and intially my first thought is will it affect me. By reading the open letter from the director of Lighter Life, I am not inclined to stop. I have not heard of any reports of death or serious illness due to VLCD.

I think everybody is responsible to ensure that whilst they are on this diet, that they should check how well they are feeling, if they feel ill to go to the doctors straight away.

Thanks Kazz for your research.
It's a completely tragic for the family and my heart goes out to them.

I can't help wondering whether this is something that should have been picked up during her monthly medical but then i'm not a doctor so i don't know if this sort of thing can be picked up during blood pressure and pluse tests?

Both myself and my Mum are on this diet and even after this article we are still committed to the diet. It's the best one i've ever done. And the coroner could say for definate that LL contributed to her death.

Thanks girls, this is the only diet really that has worked for me, i'm sticking with it, its always said don't belive all you read in the papers, and i hope this is the case. x
Poor woman, just when she was losing weight so well. I feel that for me my weight carries more health risks than losing it on LL. It is interesting though that for my 1st medical my GP had to listen to my heart but LL never ask for that after, only for blood pressure. I am seeing my GP in the morning for my weight 8 mini medical. Wonder if he will bring this up?
and this is on the LL website..

The Sunday Mirror is due to hit LighterLife – and VLCDs - very hard indeed tomorrow

Although it is incredibly sad that this girl died, I wouldnt be quick to blame the diet, unless she wasnt doing it properly. The newspaper atricle seems to suggest she was having 3 packs a day, where LL use 4, so maybe there is something else they have missed

Thank you Kazz for that article.

My heart goes out to the family of Matilda Callaghan at their tragic loss, it is just so very sad.

I know I weighed up the pros and cons of doing a vlcd and I am very happy with it as I know I could not of lost the weight I have by other means.

I have tried so many other diets before this and this is the only one that seems to work for me where I am now with this amount of weight I want to lose.

My own health was on the verge because of my weight and as my doctor had said it was now or never...before it was too late and I started getting complications from being obese.

I am sure when Matilda set out on her weight loss journey she felt every bit as overwhelmed as most of us do when we get to the point where our weight is such a huge problem.

When we hear that someone like Matilda who had a lot of weight to lose and was doing so well and then dies it can't put touch each and everyone of us.

We here can empathize so much with what she was going through and I know I feel shocked at this news as it is the first time I have heard of it myself.

Let us all think of Matilda and offer our deepest sympathy to her family on their great loss it is heart breaking to say the least.

Love Mini xxx
Let us all think of Matilda and offer our deepest sympathy to her family on their great loss it is heart breaking to say the least.

Love Mini xxx

I give prayers to her family at this time
I have to admit I have worried about the wisdom of what I'm doing on more than one occasion.

But on the other hand.. after only 5 weeks I already feel so much healthier. This summer I seemed to have developed a sore back every morning when I got out of bed. I was bingeing and purging up to 5 times a day. :( I was miserable, depressed and getting to the stage where I was stopping going out!

Something had to be done.

I really feel for Matilda. It feels strange as I am going to meetings in her area and maybe she could have been in my class - when I think already of how friendly I have become with the girls in my class - it's a very sobering thought.

I know it will probably sound glib but I hope there is some kind of afterlife where she is as slim as she wanted to be and happy!

Meanwhile my heart goes out to her family.