Worst case scenario


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I am feeling absolutely terrible today-I am on day 3, and was fine for my first 2 days. However-I'm doing this, and other than the voices in my head constantly telling me to eat-there is nothing to put me off!!
What I would like to know is: is this normal-to feel worst on day 3? Will it go away? REALLY? And, as the title says:what could the worst case scenario be? Has anyone ever felt bad the whole way through? It won't stop me-but I want to be prepared!!
Hope this makes sense-one of my symptoms today is not being able to make sense-I sound drunk, apparently, not slurring, but words in wrong order or context...:sigh:
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S: 23st5lb C: 21st0lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 2st5lb(10.09%)
Oh- I should also say that I had a bad nights sleep-I am such a dormouse, and never cope well on too little...so probably not all CD!!


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snap ! im to on day three and just had to snack on chicken and turn it into a ss+ day. Im feeling worse as the day goes on but i keep thinking its not as bad as i thought it was going to be, and probably not as bad as trying to go shopping and nothing fits.

Praying day 4 and energy kicks in soon


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keep going , sipping the water once ketosis happens you will feel loads better,and first weigh in you will be delighted! x


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Ditto. Am on day 5 feeling great. Thought it would never happen. But it does, so stick with it! Paracetemol a bath and an early night will really help. Keep drinking your water and if you need to have a ss+ day, then go for it!

Really worth it, and were here if you need anything! X


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I was the same and into day 4 I was too, water water water if you need a nap have one I had early nights on day 3 and 4 day 5 I was fab! Keep going your almost there!