worst luck ever this week.

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  1. NettyJ

    NettyJ Full Member

    we live in pembrokeshire. at the moment, down in pembrokeshire they are filming robin hood movie.Last night a jeep crashed into the back of my daughters classic mini. daughter ok. car damaged big style. it was a member of the film crew. they will pay for damage and took her down to fresh east beach to meet russell crow and kate blanchet.
    the very same daughter had a facial done last friday and has had a bad reaction. just got back from hospital, shes on antibiotics. Her tonsilectomy next week (been on watiing list for years) may have to be cancelled.

    Now I have just been informed by my partner that our friends from scotland are making a suprise visit to me in the morning. I love them to bits but i know i cant cope!

    however, i was in ketosis, after all my worry and lost 3lb this week. 17lb in 3 weeks so far.

    how am i going to get thru this stress without eating, how am i going to entertain my guests without eating.

    house is upside down on account of redecoration and new carpets. im in a mess!
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  3. freddysmum

    freddysmum Full Member

    real friends come to see you not the house...they cant expect everything ship shape if your decorating etc...and its so good that your daughter was ok after the prang...and if your other daughter does have to change her appointment for her op then it shouldnt be too long til she gets a new date...
    you have gone through the worse time on ss...you can cope...you are doing so well already...
    give yourself a pat on the back...and if it really is so bad friends coming...hid behind the sofa and pretend to be out...lol
    karen x
  4. NettyJ

    NettyJ Full Member

    thankyou karen. your right. it dont matter that they are coming ah. they can take me as they find me. also i will stick to the diet.
    i havent got 2 daughters, it was just the one, and both things happened to her. poor becky.!

    thanks for support. i wont hide behind the sofa i shall enjoy their visit and just not eat!

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