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Worst taste yet

I didn't know what to have for my tea. I've only two bars left so I thought I'd save them for another time. So I tried a hot chocolate orange. Yuck yuck and yuck again. It was totally horrible. I was a second away from pouring it down the sink, and only meanness made me drink it. It's the first time I've tried a shake hot. Maybe I tried the wrong one.
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I lurve lurve lurve bars
:yuk:It cracks me up when people try the choc orange its so disgusting..........I did it too......ONCE!!!Never again...........I feel your pain lol xx
Hahaha I was just about to post about the same thing!!! I'm currently trying to drink my hot choc orange right now and I'm disappointed....although on the plus side I only got 1 to try :)

I've only tried the choc mint cold and it's quite nice. I did try the choc orange once before cold and it wasn't that nice but hot was beyond anything anybody could be expected to drink!! When I first saw the choc orange I thought oh great like a Terry's chocolate orange. Soon found the truth!!
I made that mistake once mary, never again YUCK! Strangely salty¡ My sis loves them though, it takes all sorts to make the world go round lol x
I used to like the choc orange and now I can't stand it!! Don't know why I have gone off it but cannot drink it at all - none of the other flavours have had this effect!!
Being in the States, I don't have the option of Choc. Mint, but that sounds soooo good! If someone knows of a way for me to order that on the net, please let me know.
The first shake I ever had was chocolate orange, and thought i was going to have to quit the CD straight away!!! it was so gross!! Why do they make it? lol!
I normally love the chocolate on so tried it hot, but i really didn't like it! I deffo prefer them blended with ice! xx
I really like the chocolate orange too. You do have to have it with VERY cold water and preferably ice mixed in because I agree it's rank when it's warmer...but it's deeeelish when super cold!

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