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Worst time of day

I'm EXACTLY the same.

If I can't get my hands on free sweet foods like fruit or yogurts, I put a Curly Wurly in the fridge for half an hour, have a glass of water/NAS squash and then if I'm still wanting sweet things, I get the curly wurly and eat it :)
oh god, me too! I really want ice cream but I'm going to give it half an hour and try to keep myself busy (by messing around on here!). If I still want one then I have to walk down to the shop to get it so I probably won't bother as it;s too much effort! ;)
Forgot to put that if I do get the ice cream , I'm getting a twister which is only 4 syns. Look at syn values for stuff that you have before you eat it - might put you off!
I don't have a sweet tooth (sorry!), but I always crave something after my tea.
Usual staples are a 0% fat greek yog (fills me up far more than a muller light, fruit and/or ryvita).
I just accept that this is my way of winding down from my day and build the foods into my meal plans!
Go with it!!!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Sugar free jelly with squirty cream for me :)


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bovril usually takes any cravings i av off at nite but doesnt work for every1 lol i think im addicted 2 the stuff lol


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lol i bought danone shape zero yoghurts yesterday from nettos only 69p - sin free and absolutely delicious


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not tried em frozen but i shall when we get some decent summer weather lol at moment i cud eat em till they came outta my ears lol

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