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Would anyone go back

My old eating habbits weren't too bad, it was what I added, eg, full fat yogurts, mayo with everything, unlimited cheese. I did eat healthy foods.

I do miss full fat yogurts & sometimes would like more cheese, but the full fat mayo you can have it now tastes minging & that low fat stuff:eek: no way.
I'm only a week in and don't think I would now as it shows a little bit of effort goes a long way. Plus with this you can still have your treats and lose weight//maintain weight. I can't believe some of the things i'd eat in one go :eek:


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No! Not a chance, I like being in control now and eating crap probably contributed to me having a gallstone and I can't tell you how bad the pain is, when it kicks off, so never ever again for me;)
I think we'd all have a go at it if we knew we could get away with it.

I did go off plan lastThursday evening and didn't bother attempting to syn a large (huge) portion of fish and chips! (from the chippy with batter etc.) normally, I'd feel guilty, depressed and all that stuff, but I never! -they were lovely and very enjoyable.

I have the luxury of being at target. If I gain, I get if off again quickly.

I do love the idea of having a mega cheese platter (for example) instead of 28g or 42g low-fat as a HEXA

I may start cutting myself some slack and allowing a meal or two per week "off plan" as being 100% all the time is draining at times:eek:
Now I am at target it would be VERY easy to revert to type. When you are focussed on losing that seems to override the compulsions to eat big old piles of crap and stodge, because you know the end result will show itself on the scale at weigh in. However, the difference between then and now is that I know how to control and counteract any damage I might cause with a blow out and seem to be managing well to do so, eight months down the line. I now see those sorts of food as an occasional treat rather than my first choice of food and I think thats how it should be. Too restricted and you risk falling off the wagon altogether, not restricted enough and you risk having to refill your wardrobe with bigger clothes again. Thats something I never want to have to do again and hopefully, willpower and self-control willing, I wont have to.
I get heartburn if I eat the wrong things. No thanks, no more being a fatty anymore!

Me too and have to take omeprazole.
I did fall off the wagon for a couple of months and hated what I did to myself.

No I prefer this way any day.
fillymum said:
Me too and have to take omeprazole.
I did fall off the wagon for a couple of months and hated what I did to myself.

No I prefer this way any day.
I was on those tablets for over a year fillymum and since I started sw I haven't had any :)
I couldn't even if I wanted to....I have a gastric band!
I have been back and forth like a yo-yo but in retrospect I have learnt not to be as intense in my episodes. I am also a lot better on plan when I have structure and learn the art of comprimise sometimes I like to be naughty and break eating rules of goodness!
Vanity (and health consciousness) is keeping me mostly at target. That said if I could eat the way I did before I'd be back like a flash.

Being able to pick the thing that sounded the nicest when out for dinner and not the slimmest, plus Proper puddings is something feel quite nostalgic about! That said being good about food is worth it.
I love the SW way of life, I enjoy my food and cooking it, without the after effects of feeling sluggish and tired. My taste buds have changed and having reached target I am scared of getting the 'taste' of rubbish again so fully intend to stick with the plan, just have off plan social occasions.
I don't think so, even when I get to target I won't go back to eating the way I did. I don't however, think I will be a saint. Mainly becasue I'm not now, but I will make better choices, just as I do now. To give you an example, I have had a definitely off plan meal today in the harvester, but I still made better choices than I would have done before starting SW. I would have had, a salad, covered in sauces, shared a starter of chicken wings, mushrooms, corn on the cob, and prawns with the OH, followed it up with a Original Combo, complete with chips (eating the skin on the chicken of course) and then had a pudding all to myself. All washed down with a few full fat pepsis. They now have the calories against each meal and I calculated that I would have eaten about 2200 calories in that one meal pre SW days.

I didn't today. I looked at the calories on each dish and made better (though not necessarily the best) choices (jacket instead of chips, took the skin off the chicken, no sauces or mayo based salad bits, no sharing platter to start (they 600 cal a portion on their own!) and OH & I shared a desert, plus I drank diet pepsi.

So, not even remotely an on plan meal, but defnitely better than I would have had before SW, and I am not feeling guilt, because it was lovely, and I'm not weighing in again till a week on Tuesday, so I have some time to balance out what I ate.
I must admit I'm going off hubbys roast potatoes (cooked in oil) I NEVER thought I would but I am!

As an aside Kingleds I LOVE your Avatar, you look so pretty and friendly and have a gorgeous smile xxx
Shirleen said:
As an aside Kingleds I LOVE your Avatar, you look so pretty and friendly and have a gorgeous smile xxx
How deceiving looks can be :) You all know i'm a mardy old cow really :)

Seriously though - Thank you - its been a long time since i had a photo taken i was actually happy with so it seemed only fair to share.
In the last month I have had 2 meals that were like what I would've had before I started SW - I didn't enjoy them anywhere near as much as I thought I would, and felt rubbish afterwards (really bloated and full). The only thing I really miss is drinking as much wine as I want! :party0036:

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