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Would it really hurt?

Okay i need some honest opinions and maybe a good kick up the a*se aswell.

So i have been in denial that i am on a re-start, ok so it wasn't my choice to eat last week but i did and i have to deal with and i am now on day 3 of hell again..i am so stressed cos i am so hungry.

I resisted so much today with everyone eating around me..i have been on the go since 5:30am and only just stopped half an hour ago, i have just left my new place where they are all having a take-away cos i just can't handle it.

So do you think by having an extra tetra i will do much damage, i'm not over 5'8 so shouldn't really need it but cos i was up so early and with the energy used for moving i had brek at 9am, lunch at 2pm then dinner at 6. Usually i hold out for my first one til midday then feel ok by evening but i'm seriously miserable, tired, emotional and damn friggin hungry......all i want is a tetra, please can i have one???
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it wont hurt hon.....having done this diet for 4 weeks i think sometimes you have to adapt your own methods....iv been eating a small meal in evening ...mainly chicken and salad but have onyl been having a shake and bar during day...it suits me well...and ive lost!!! i should have 4 a day coz of my height but have only ever had 3....if you have been on the go all day you would have burny some cals anyway....just do it xxx
My personnal opinion would be yes hun if its gonna keep u on the straight and narrow and stop u eating anything really naughty whats a hundred and twenty calories nothing!
In a couple of days you will be back to three and you will be absolutley fine.
I would defo go for the extra tetra its a choice of making or breaking i think xxxxx
yes have it, much better than giving into something
Ha ha thanks everyone...not much ar*e kicking going on there but i like it.......gonna heat up my choc tetra and enjoy every second of it, mmmmmm
hey - if an extra tetra keeps you on track...then go for it....ENJOY :)

remember...1 of the Sole Source plus options is '4 packs plus 200ml skimmed milk per day'......


Debz x
4 tetras a day are fine. SS+ is 4 packs plus 200ml skimmed milk so there is no problem.

With your hectic lifestyle and shift patterns and time changes etc etc I think 4 a day would be a good idea.
4 tetras a day are fine. SS+ is 4 packs plus 200ml skimmed milk so there is no problem.

With your hectic lifestyle and shift patterns and time changes etc etc I think 4 a day would be a good idea.
great minds.....;)
No it won't hurt hun :) It's the most sensible thing you could have and I know how hard it is to sit with people while they have a take-away but it's so much easier when you're not hungry. Just noticed your ticker and you are doing incredibly well! Keep up the good work xx
S: 15st4lb G: 11st5lb
you are best to have a tetra rather than give in and eat a take away or something "bad". When I mentioned to my CDC that I had been feeling tired - 2 kids plus a job take it out of me - she told me to have an extra shake or even just half a packet of shake to keep me going - its not many calories and most other snacks would be much more. Enjoy that hot chocolate tetra - haven't had one yet - do you warm it up in the microwave?
Thanks girls and Linda can i ask you a question, given that you are a cdc and advise people a lot. How dramatically do you think it would affect my weight loss doing 4packs a day given i'm 5ft4inches? I do find flight days tough and a few friends have commented on my anti-social mood and lack of sense of humour. If 4packs a day stopped this i would happily do that but i really don't want to jepordise my weight loss.x
Orange Plum, i can tell you all i ever have is choc tetra's and i can't believe this is the first time i have tried it hot. I poured into mug, topped up with boiling water then microwaved for 30secs and it is absolutly delish, don't want it to end.x

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