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Would like some help and info


One last chance
Hiya, I'm on a Total food replacement diet called Lipotrim, I have lost over 5 stone but have gained about 10lbs back on so I'm back on Lipotrim for the second and hopefully final time.

I tried calorie counting and it kinda worked for a while, but I read on weight watchers and the plan sounded really appealing.

After being on Lipotrim, I have to carefully up my calories until I stabilise my weight. Well, that's what I had to do when I was calorie counting, but what would I do if I wanted to follow the weight watchers rules? how would I go about being careful with my glycogen levels coming back to normal? I can't allow water to go up too fast too quickly.

What should I do?
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Hi Yasmine
on weight watchers you do have to forget all about the counting of calories - that is done for you and foods are given points
points are awarded for calories saturated fat and the amount of the serving

so to ensure your glycogen/water levels do not go up too quickly and you add foods in gradually do the plan in reverse so start on fewer points - being aware of what you are eating - eat high protein and lower carbs to start with then every couple of weeks as your body stabalises add another point (and therefore more food) and keep doing that every couple of weeks - until you reach a level of points that is balanced for YOUR body
I hope that information helps

there are some people on the board that have come from vlcd/food replacement onto weight watchers so hopefully one of those will be around to help later today


One last chance
Thanks for that hunny, I'll be sure to look around. How many points should I go down to at first?
Hi Yasmine, and what an amazing weight loss in such a short time - you must have amazing will power.

I moved from a VLCD to WW and started on 18pts (but that was what I would have been allowed anyway)

The first week I lost 2.5lbs - which was amazing considering the switch.

I tended to eat around 14 of my 18 pts each day, I suppose cos you just don't feel like eating and tended to eat lots of fruit and veg as that's what I had missed most.

I still avoided carbs for a good few weeks and then introduced them with wholemeal versions - and still try to do that most of the time.

I am sure if you are going to class, they will be able to advise you there further on moving across.

Good luck.
Rosie x


One last chance
Thanks Rosie. I don't plan on going to a class, spending money on Lipotrim was already a lot, I don't think going and paying for the classes would be good, my mum would get really ticked off.

I'm thinking of just following the rules of WW and doing it at home.


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Yasmine have a look at the quiz and that will tell you what number of points you are awarded to lose weight - you should still lose on that number - you can undereat your points by about 4 a day if you really cant eat it all dont go below 14 at all as you wont be able to stay healthy if you do - remember that exercise can add points to your allowance too - so if you exercise - especially toning you will firm up and burn more calories too

give it a try there are so many supportive people on here and you sound so determined - IF you can possibly afford it I would recommend going to class for the first five weeks just to learn all you need for the experts and to meet others in your area who are on the plan - classes are a GREAT way to pick up tips on how to live with food for the rest of your life

whatever you decide good luck - you already look AMAZING


One last chance
Thanks mommyB, I did do it and it said I'm allowed 22 points.

Thanks aaleigha, my points are up to 22. I would love to go to classes but it's a bit tight with money now and we have to save up to buy things for my family.

Would changing to WW affect my weight after being on a TFR diet?
i think it would be hard to say cos everyone's different, i know there are a few people on here that have transfered from cambridge etc and as far as i know they are all doing ok
I think there is potential for you to put on a pound or so on the first week BUT if you keep carbs to a real minimum for the first few days then add in a little complex carbs each day until you are eating a balanced diet you should be fine BUT if you arent then just cut the carbs back as it will most likely mean you have brought them in too quick

I have spoken to a friend today (she doesnt post here)
she did lighterlife and then did their version of eating again I think she called it something like route to maintainace for something
then she went on to weight watchers
in the first week she put on ONE pound - so she ate less carbs the next week and lost it again then introduced them SLOWLY and she lost one pound the next two weeks - now remember she was at her ideal weight
so she upped the points by one a week until her weight stabalised she has now maintained her original 7 stone loss by eating to weightwatchers plan and has maintained for over a year
she now has about 7 points MORE than she thought she would have from the quiz - she thought she would have 20 points a day but actually has 27 so she eats 23 a day most days and uses the 'banked' points for going out at weekends
I really hope that helps - if you have any questions she said to ask away - I will then put them too her and let you know what she says

H xx

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