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would like some motivation!!!! possibly a buddy to compete with!!!

I'm down! I have only 15LBS LEFT! I'm just excited as you to get the last of it off. ^_^ My birthday is at the end of the month so that's another factor for me. I want to at LEAST be 130lbs by my birthday. I am planning on going shopping and picking out some winter clothes. Yay lol What are your goals besides the 30lbs? Have anything fun planned for when you reach a certain weight/goal weight?


30 pounds to go
yes mam i do!! i have a wedding in 9 months and a honey moon at the bahammas adn need a nice body or the vacation will be a waste of time!!! im 188 now adn wanna be 160 pounds by december 1!!!!!!! by time family and friends see me at x mas time!!!!!!!! then my next goal if i reach 160 is to be 130 by june 1 !!! my wedding is july 7 i have lost 60 pounds at the begining of the year adn i think i finally got my motivation back as i was 194 1 week ago so i already started loosing a few pounds and that has given me motivation. i wann abe as sexy as i can for my wedding thats my goal!!! :) so do u wann ahelp encourage eachother adn keep up to date adn do a weigh in adn support eachother? post what we ate, if any exercise??? what diet are u on ??? lets set up a goal weight and time to help!!!
Well I usually weigh randomly. Today I was on the lower side of 135lbs; hoping I'm that much closer to 130lbs. I don't have a specific diet. I have fibromyalgia and can't eat certain things that tend to cause flare ups. I usually eat more organic and home cooked foods. I'm not fond of boxed foods and don't usually eat red meat. I love veggies, poultry, and fish. Fruits I enjoy but they seem to cause upsets some of the time. I don't eat pasta however I could eat a whole loaf of sourdough by myself. :whistle:
I drink as much water and tea as possible. I try to limit myself on coffee and soda too.
My main plan is reaching and maintaining 120lbs just so I can say hello to 2012 at my goal weight. :D
Absolutely! I usually try to do 100-300 situps a few times a week. I mainly stay at 100 but sometimes when I feel up to it I can do more. I also walk a lot. Because the weather is changing and it's getting ucky outside I'll be doing less of it. However I did get a part time job that involves a bit of walking so hopefully that will help offset my schedule. :rolleyes:
Me too!!

I've already lost 75lbs but am really having trouble with the motivation for those last 20! Would hate to fall at the last hurdle and would really like to have it off by Christmas (will probably manage to put it all back on again though and be back on here by January lol). Anyone want to be buddies? xx


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Wow, well done to both of you!!! How long did it take each of you to shift the amount of weight you've lost?
omg sorry ive been off i was 242 and got to 190 in a few months and been stuck!!! i started again adn i am at 187-186!!!! i wanna be 160 by feb 1.. i restarted nov 1 an din 3 weeks i statred at 195 adn now im 187ish!! u guys still looking for a buddy???? my computer has been down :/
Sorry I have been gone for so long. College finals and the holidays.... omg... craziness. lol Anyways I am at and have stayed at a consistent 130lbs for the last few weeks. ^_^ I hope everyone is doing well for 2012!

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