Would like to join the WeMitts

Lil' Lola

Hi, I'm Ange and I'd love to join the WeMitts. After many false starts, tantrums and tears I've given myself a major kick up the butt and had my first official weigh in, in a long time today. I've got at least 7 stone to lose probably more but having never got there I won't know how much I need to lose until I do.
Lil' Lola...
Welcome to the Wemitts!

the best bunch of weigh loss friend you could ever meet. Everyone is genuinly nice, helpful and totally understanding of your need to lose weight.
All the best on you forthcoming journey.
Kamilla xx
Hi Lil' Lola

Welcome, and good luck.

Look forward to reading and sharing your weight loss journey with you.

Jazzy x
Hi Lil'Lola.
Not been a Wemitt long myself but glad I am.
everyone is so helpfull and suppportive.
It is a happy place to be.
Good luck on your weightloss journey.
welcome Lil lola (Ange)!!!

You can do it, and this site gives you all the encouragement you could ever wish for!!!

good luck and im here for you

Welcome to the wemitts Lil' Lola! :D

Great to have you aboard: looking forward to getting to know you better and sharing your journey with you.
Thanks for such a warm welcome. I'm really looking forward to getting there this time and its so encouraging knowing so many people have been where I am and succeeded. :)