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would this be okay?

Hi there...

When i did ss in 2008 i had a "add a meal week" every 4 weeks, this helped me stay on track and not cheat.

Well lately i have been struggling, today i had chicken, green leaves and (oh god) bacon/onion bits and a tiny bit of low fat salad dressing. I had a shake this morning.

Would it be okay to do that for a week and then go back on totally SS? Im really struggling but have 8stone still to go! I dont know what to do, i dont want to come off cambridge AT ALL, and i dont want perfectic weightloss. Last week i had chicken,lettuice,bacon, carrot, and colesaw on sunday and still lost 6lb.
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imnot having anything to eat now, im pissed off with myself... i just dont think i can do this anymore, iv came out of ketosis [not supprised] i just doubting myself so much.

I want to do SS please help me lol. i havent got any bloody support, apart from cdc but it not the same! :break_diet:
please dont give up. i have a meal every sat and still lose, so everyone s different. i try to make wise choices when i do eat and if you are eating chicken and greens it sounds like an ss+ or 810 day. today i nibbled on chicken so added some veg and had a proper ss+ day. this diet is hard and staying on is hard, so if you find a way that makes YOUR journey easier then go for it. but donnt do it if it will trigger bad food choices, or put you off ss again. also, sometimes eating can make you feel down. its your choice and you should decide what you want to do. dont feel bad though, tomorro is a new day!
I think you should do whichever plan you can stick with best - I think for your mental health it would be better to do a diet that involves food in some way either SS+ all the time or the 810 moreso than trying to do SS and picking at bits. The problem I have found with picking is that the pickings start of small and pretty innocent but tend to get bigger and vary in their healthiness, which then in turn makes you feel bad etc etc --- it can be a vicious circle sadly.

So for me, I'd rather go for a structured meal of some kind, where you get some food but it's a planned and organised one --- and the best bit is from what I read the losses on SS+ are amazing!

Best of luck xx


go for suceeding at SS plus and feeling great about that, than for beating yourself up about SS.

Its a very minimal difference over the month weight loss wise, then when you are feeling more in the groove consider dropping back down.

Hang in there

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