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Would this work?


constantly confused
I'm thinking of my long term plans for stabilisation and maintenance, and also to avoid some of the side effects I'm prone to.

I'm currently just under 12 stone (eep), but my goal is between 10 and 11, 11 is healthy BMI but I guess vanity means I'd prefer to be lower. I was happy with my weight at 10 and a half stone, so that's something I'd like to aim for.

Anyway, I am very active during the day, walk for at least 3 hours and I'm finding that really difficult, so I've decided to slowly work my way through the levels so I can focus more on exercise, which I think is important for health.

I wanted to do 2 weeks of SS+, 2 of 810, 2 of 1000, 2 of 1200 and then 2 of 1500, sticking at 1500 until I reach a weight I'm happy with. That's 10 weeks, so if I achieve an average of 2lbs a week, that will mean I'll weigh around 150lbs, (10 stone 10) which I'll be happy with.

Do you think that could work? Is 2lbs a week a realistic figure? I'd expect to lose more some weeks, and less as I go through the higher plans, but I'm going to be exercising regularly (3 classes a week plus all my walking) which might speed it up, but would certainly be better for my long term health.

Any thoughts? :confused:
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Not sure really because everyone is different. I had a long chat with my CDC this week about the different stages.
It seems like a very carefully thought out process the CD way. You go up a stage and then you assess with your CDC how you are doing.

Some people might not lose if they go up too quickly or it might be that they need to be on it for a few more weeks to get the body used to it.

So I would say to take each level as it comes and see how you get on and don't maybe put too much pressure on yourself. You don't need to know exactly what level you're on until you get there, if you know what I mean.

Have you spoken to your CDC to see what they say?


constantly confused
Yeah she's fab, she gave me a booklet that explains all the stages so I could read through and have a think.

You're right though, I should just take each stage and see how I get on.

Thank you! :D
I know what you mean about the exercise thing. It's the only thing that frustrates me with CD. I REALLY, REALLY want to get ultra fit and am impatient.

I am tired on this diet though, despite being in ketosis and 100%. When I even go for a walk I'm drained for the rest of the day.
It has been stressing me because my OH bought me a bike recently and we want to go on rides and long dog walks.

He said to me today to stop pressuring myself, focus on the diet and let it do it's thing! Once I'm at goal or working up the levels then I can concentrate on getting fit, as my energy rises.

For now I'm doing light weights and toning exercises...oh and I bought a slendertone :) hopefully when the weight drops off I'll find a lovely toned tummy underneath!!!
I dont know about 1500 as that might not be too far from your required calorie amount(bmr). Seems to take a while for things to level out. For example my bmr is about 2200 but even doing 1200 and 40 mins of cardio a day i'm only losing 2-3lbs despite there being about a 10000 calorie weekly difference in calories in vs out. However i'm happy at this rate due to improved fitness and health etc + in time my metabolism will speed.
I think you need discuss with your cdc, also I think you shouldnt set yourself strict target dates as you can only control what goes in your mouth and if your losses reduce you will just be dissapointed. You may find that every time you move up a plan you dont lose or even gain for a week or 2, then in my experience it can be another week till things really get going again, just a matter of glycogen stores refilling and your body adjusting.
Saying that we are all completely different.
Well done so far and keep up the good work :)

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