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Would you be put off classes if.....

I think it would put me off (not that i go anyway) because you want someone you know has done this and suceeded to give you first hand advice.
No too sure TBH. It could be that she was on her weight loss journey too. I would have to ask i think. I remember doing the CD a while back and my CDC was overweight. Shed lost 2 st already and this was kind of like inspiration for me if that makes sense.
Yes it would be time, my old leader did classes and was gaining weight. Wearing clothes to tight. ! She didnt look right at all. But leaders do still get weighed by their regional managers.!


must lose twinny belly :)
it depends really , she could be half way though her jorney and has lost a lot of weight and still losing?
I remember years ago that our WW leader was replaced because she put on weight.

However my SW leader is overweight and following a big medical problem and now being on medication she has put some of her weight back on. But she is on the SW diet and tells us every week how she is doing. And she is so supportive I wouldn't want a different one.

Irene xx
I have to admit Id be totally put off. I know WW leaders have to have followed the plan and be lifetime members before they can apply to be a leader. So she'd need to have got to goal, maintained then put back on to be overweight again. If I saw my class leader was very overweight I think Id probably go to another class.

Just wondered if I was alone in thinking that, as the general consensus on SW was it wouldnt matter :)
well my new leader brings in her tracker every week leaves on front table. tells us her gains and looses each week.
She gained 8 lbs for christmas but she did loose 71 lbs in total.x

shes great.x
I am doing WW on my own at moment. I have done it previously and have never had an overweight leader. Back in the day when I did Lighter Life my counsellor was very seriously overweight and it did put me off in the end because it was obvious that the plan hadn't worked for her and in the end I felt she was just in it to make a quick buck - dishing out advice that she wasn't able to follow herself. I became disenchanted with the whole "counselling" side of Lighter Life because of that even though I did lose a hell of a lot of weight on it.

Also, not sure if it has been mentioned but if I went to a class and the leader was someone that had only lost a stone or a stone and a half and then become a leader that would put me off too.

I totally agree with you. As a Weight Watchers Leader you have to be a gold Member, so if my Leader was overweight I would seriously question the long term success of the diet in question. It would definately put me off! I want to know Weight Watchers is the 'miracle' that I need! And once I get to goal I want to know that maintaining is fairly straightforward and of course achievable! But if The leader was Overweight due to a medical reason, then that would be different.

A bit off topic, but like ScattyKookie said it also puts me off if the leader has only lost a stone. I remember going to a Slimming World class and the leader was tiny, she said she had lost 1 stone with SW and showed us her before and after pictures. You couldn't really see a difference. And she said she was a healthy BMI before she lost the weight. It sort of makes you feel they don't understand what you are going through. I would prefer a leader who could relate to me.
hmm yea it probably would annoy me,it never happened to me but when you buy Celebrity Slim etc across a chemist counter and if the girl is very over weight that is selling it to you and tellin you how good it is from people she has seen taking it? then why hasnt she if its so good, same thing with WW, its a plan and if she is overweight and a leader it doesnt make sense ?
you went and the class leader was very overweight. I saw this discussion on SW a while back and the general consensus was people wouldnt bother if their consultant was over weight.

Would it put you off or would you not bother??
Absolutely, I would be thinking "why should I be busting a gut here when she clearly isn't" - Leaders should lead by example so we know and can see that weightloss and maintenance is achieveable.
I also meant to add that to be a leader at WW you have had to get to goal weight and be maintaining, so if the leader is overweight then surely thats not much of a positive advert for WW is it?

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