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Would you have before WI....

a toad in hole?

I ordered some Joes sausages and fancy making a toad in the hole tomorrow night as a friend is coming for dinner so the syns can be divided by the 3 of us rather than just two....but I weigh in on Wed. Do you think having a stodgy toad in hole would affect WI?

I suppose if I eat lightly the day of WI then it would counterbalance it....WWYD? Also, I could eat mainly the sausages and not too much of the batter and plenty of superfree veggies.
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I would eat it but maybe not have as much of the batter as the others eating the meal and eat loads of free veg like you say. Maybe just make the excuse that you ate a big lunch so don't want to eat as much of the batter - that's if anyone asks!



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Hi hun, i would have it, you are sticking with plan if you are counting the syns. Just make sure you have lots of super free veg. I find i have good losses if i have lots of veg. x
Yes, def ok. I often have a roast or similar and actually I think lots of veggies helps and would have more rather than less, specially a few sprouts, then you probably wont take the meal to weigh in IYSWIM!!

I have some joes sausages and thats a really good idea to do toad in the hole and might give it a go too.

I dont worry too much about what to eat before weigh in , I think it all evens out in the end
I was going to do a delia recipe for it as it seemed to be the least flour (therefore least syns). I'll let you know what it's like!
I don't think it will matter to be honest. I don't change the way I eat the night before, as it's the week overall. Typically even if you had a really fattening meal it takes a day or so to show up in your weight.


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