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Would you ring your CDC or would hat be hasseling LOL

Ok daft question alert but I am sooo impaitent!
Stopped CD May 07 and havn't spoke to CDC since.
Emailed her Monday as want to restart but havn't had a reply and I am rarring to go! Would you text her today or would that be hasseling ?
Don't want to miss the motivation I have at the moment iykwim!
Thanks Cdg x
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RING HER! At the end of the day she is running a 'business' of sorts and surely more clients means more money/reputation for her? I am sure CDC's have to make money/have targets etc (I may be worong?:confused:)

Anyway I know how you feel when I had to go back to mine I felt abit embarassed and as if she would be like "oh typical she wants to come back" sort of thing but she was the exact opposite!

Go for it!
Thank you! I may txt her,not sure I am brave enough to ring her as lovely as she was LOL


Restart 3/9/2013
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Ring her! When I started CD I dropped my CDC an email from the address he had on the CD website...but he never got it! Don't know why, it just disappeared into the depths of cyber space. If I hadnt bitten the bullet and rung him I'd probably still be over 23 stone ;)


Cambridge Counsellor
Please ring her, text her, whatever. She may be on holiday which may have been why she hasn't responded. But yes we have to make money, it is a business after all and we're only too glad to take on new dieters or restarters. You'll have to fill in another form, so the new client screening process starts again as you haven't been to your CDC for over 6 months.


Cambridge Counsellor
Actually thinking about it, so many dieters are embarrassed about restarting with the same counsellor, and it really isn't necessary. No-one should feel embarrassed, just pick up the phone or start the email and get going again. And if it makes the dieter feel any less embarrassed just remember you're keeping the CDC in business, look at it that way.

Same principle - I fall asleep on the sofa each night making my back not quite right, as I suffer from hypermobility, yet who cares, it's helping my osteopath pay his bills!

However if you stopped seeing your CDC because you didn't get on or get the right level of care - don't see that one, find a different one.
Text her go on you know you want to :0) Let us know when you get a start date.Think you being so keen you need to strike while the iron is hot, i am sure she will understand that XxX
OK text her this morning and she has just replied saying she will ring me tonight :)
Thanks for making me do it!
CDg x
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That's great news. Well done! I was going to say "ring her" too until I saw that you'd already done it :)

It's possible that she may have changed her email address or, as someone else said, just didn't get it for some reason. I know sometimes I don't always get ones sent to me - which is why I always ask my clients to phone or text me.

I've had quite a few 'returners' this week and I always love to hear from them as I take it as a great compliment that they feel they can trust me enough to come back to me again if they need my help.

Good luck with your re-start!

(PS. I've just noticed Ellen's message and would like to say that all CDCs are entirely self-employed and don't work to any kind of target whatsoever :))

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