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wouldnt it be helpful if.....


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yeah it would be awesome!!! Id deffo use it!

Some times I go to shop and buy stuff and then realise maybe it wast the best choice but if you could search and find low syn/free stuff that would make life so much easier!!!


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i have always thought if you search something you should be able to compare things its silly if you misspell or dont write the exact thing it wont come up with the product, thats why i bought the food directory,
But if they did that they would probably never sell any food directories! They have big lists, as do the little books too :) x
I would use my books when i'm not at my computer compiling my shopping list! It wouldn't be too much different to the online syns just now, just the ability to order them in a more helpful way.

I'd like a portable syn calculator please:D
Yes, definitely this!
yes I bought the tesco and asda ones too. Syns on line can be a apain at times if you dont have the exact name of something.I've just order the directory. WW used to do a calculator type of thingy.My mate kept it in her bag and I remember wishing Sw did something similar.It would be really helpful-I feel a right idiot walking round shops with a book-as if I'm doing something wrong.


Now to maintain.....
fabulous ideas!!!


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i'd like this ... doing my online shopping takes ages... as i have to click on item interested in get all value use calculator to check and so on.. be great to do shopping by syn value... also they wouldnt be losing out.. if they have business head on i'd be more than happy to pay to use this tool per month etc

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