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wow how much have i eaten


adores posting
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Hi everyone shout me down now some people will agree with this post others wont i'm not expecting advice though comments will be great to read:D its just to possibly help others to admit and climb back on track so here goes.
I knew before easter i'd have an egg what i didnt know was that i'd have 3 large eggs and the bits that come with them and bacon breakfasts with full fat and wine x2 bottles over the last 3 days.
I have thoroughly enjoyed myself i dont regret it at all my family have been with me so its been a fab weekend.
This afternoon i shall be sitting down writing my meals and snacks for the next week as of tomorrow im back on track i havent weighted myself as i weight on tuesdays and cant make it as hubby is working nights this week il have a sneaky peak at home but wont take it to heart.
thanks for reading still not entirely sure why ive posted it all maybe deep down i know its wrong to have eaten it all but im happy:).
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Ive just posted something similar to you. I have eaten an egg and some bits and pieces I shouldnt have and today Im enjoying my dinner with trifle afterwards.

BUT, Ive enjoyed myself thoroughtly and sometimes life does get in the way, but Ive accepted that and am drawing a line under it!

Have a brilliant week, get back on track and know that you have enjoyed your weekend with family and friends! x
Not sure why anyone would dissgree with you or have a go at you hun! Sounds like you made a choice to be off plan and had a ball. Not feeling guilty is the important thing - after all, thin people don't eat healthy all the time!! Sounds like you have a healthy attitude towards the whole thing so fair play!


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I had a day off yesterday, went to my nanas where she always does a fab buffet, had a few kitkats, cheese on crackers with butter, salmon buttys with white bread, shortbread! Back on track today though and hoping to still get a loss of STS!


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I ate nearly all my Easter egg on Saturday night (was at work from 7am sunday till 7am this morning) counted up as 48syns :eek:
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Hey, I *had a day off* yesterday too, and I must say that I stuffed my face..but I'm not feeling guilty, it was a choice I made and today I am right back on plan with no intention or tbh desire to deviate from it (and half a scrummy cake is staring in me in the face as I say that!).

I think it's allowed now and again, with all the attendant consequences, as long as we get back to it - for me anyway thats how I see it - special occasions, which are very rare, are to be enjoyed, not fretted over.


adores posting
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Bless i hope you enjoyed it though thats what easter is for.(other than the religious side of course)

Mr Gilbo

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I had a perfect day yesterday. BBQ was chicken, steak and salad. I avoided the burgers and as I had no Joes sausages I avoided the sausages and baps too. But I got in at 3 o'clock this morning and binged on 2 hot cross buns, 4 sausages, 2 jaffa cakes, and 2 penguins. Now I'm feeling guilty. Why did I do it?

But like you. Line has been drawn and I will move on.


adores posting
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Thanks for everyones comments hope everyones enjoyed easter and good luck in the weeks ahead.
Oh thank goodness someone else has done that same! I feel so ill the amount of junk I have eaten over the past 2 days. Back on track for week 1 weigh in on Wed and I am so nervous.

(I did love the weekend with family and good food though :eek:)
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I always find that as long as you've enjoyed the extra syns then that's great.

It's always the extra syns or food that you DON'T enjoy them thats when I find it becomes a slippery slope, and I stuff my face with more to make up for the dissappointing food! As long as you've enjoyed it and drawn a line then it's worth it :)


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Sat night involved: Fahitas, sticky toffee pudding, endless large glasses of white wine and then endless glasses of vodka with full fat sugary red bull!!! The hangover on the sunday then lead to me eating a small easter egg (not a big one but one of those mini smartie ones) which actually belonged to my toddler (whoops!), then having no energy to cook, putting a chicken and mushroom tescos finest pie in the oven with their tescos finest mash and sweetcorn. Didnt managed to eat anything other than the mash and a bit of sauce tho. Then had a curly wurly, a skinny cow ice lolly and 3 large glasses of milk. Massive fail haha. Back on track today!! Glad im not alone!!! xxx

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