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Wow made it to week 2

Thankyou. How are you doing in RTM.I bet you are loving it.


Guess who's back...?
Woop woop!! The first week was my first milestone - it is such a good feeling to break through it! Well done Lynn.. it will start to fly by now, honestly. I am in week 7 and I still feel like I started only yesterday! Just try not to think about how long to go or how long you've been - just take each day as it comes and watch the fat melt away!! :D:D:D
A x
Well done you!

It definitely keeps getting easier from here on out... I hope week 2 goes well for you, mine was a breeze compared to my first week. I finally felt ok being around food and cooking for others again.
I'm in week 2 now and can definitely cope with being around food - I even had a girls night out and had sparkling water (no lemon!!)....but, can anyone please tell me when the bad breath goes, if ever. I'm freezing in the car because my Hubby says it's so bad, he has to have all the windows down hehehe
Well done Lynn:character00238: you've got through the hardest week. Good luck for your next weigh in.
Thankyou. How are you doing in RTM.I bet you are loving it.
Well...I am finding it perfectly easy - but to be honest - all the build up and excitement and anticipation was squelched by my neck going out.

After my first meal, late that night I was violently ill and it all came back up. :( Sorry it TMI.

Then with my neck, its painful to chew. lol - so to be honest, I have not enjoyed it the way I had anticipated it all these months! :rolleyes: ANd later in the week, once again I was sick....that time due o meds I think. FIrst time due to shock to the tummy I think.

But have felt perfectly in control - and a circumstance where food would have been right in there to comfort me - I have had no issues at all with wanting to eat todeal with me neck. THats a great feeliing: control. So I learned something after all! :)

THanks for asking hon. You know you are welcomeon the RTM threads - they are only speretated as food is discussed there and that can be too distracting for Some.

Anyway gonne go lay down.

Hope your tooth is easing up?

Well done my dear!
We made it to 14 days!

Whens ur 2nd weigh in? Mines tomorrow at 7.30.

I had mine last niht opal, i lost 1lb, but thats probably lack of water this week, antibiotics and all the pills i been having.
Aw hun dont b blue about it, your still well on course to lose a stone this month!!!
yes i have been doing alot of thinking about yes i am.;), nearly half a stone lost already.

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