WOW!!!!!!! - whaddaya know. A size 10 :D

Blonde Logic

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Well folks, I have spent most of the day in my room sorting lng overdue piles of this that and everything. I was meant to spend the day with the inlaws but pops got a cold/flu, so they cancelled. So I decided it was fate, I was meant to do the mindless chore I have been putting off fopr weeks and weeks!

SInce I started LL last year, I started buying smaller clothes straight away - and tucked them away - I had a system.

I still had several items in my crates. ANd I had given up on most of them. I figured I was to optomistic i choosing 10s.

I had bought a little manadrin neck top ins a size 10 - very fitted. And I really liked it - but it was soooo tight, I figured it would never work. I was gutted, so figured maybe if I was creative and moved all the buttons and added a little panel if necesarry I might be able to wear it later by making it a bit bigger..

Well - I don;t need ot do that. It FITS!!!! :bliss: :D

I was very surprised! So I tried all the other that were left behind p and they are all now hanging up in my wardorbe!!!!

What a great surprsie! And it now means I can clear my room of these bins - and finally be DONE with the wardrobe. Yippee!!!
I am pooped!!

I went for a 6 mile walk, came in and got stuck in and haven't stopped. I;ve been on my feet since 10am and I am knackered, but so very happy and content.

:) :) :)

I also found, under my bed in a deep dark corner, a pant suit. It was a size 26/28. I put it on. It was visually difficult to comprehend if I am honest.

SB - I tried your one legged thing. Oh - My - GOD. I must get a pic too. I also found some size 24 jeans.

I must say though, the jeans made me cry. They were a size 24. They were what I always thought were my 'skinny' jeans. The times I was able to wear them, I always felt pretty good.

How could I!!??? You could park a bus in the arse.

It made me really tearful to see what in my mind was "good" - what I had accepted and gotten used to and felt was as good as I ever would get. It was really somthing!

What a day. What a diet! WHat a YEAR!!!!!

<contented sigh>

I am going to have a nice cuppa and deservedly chill out now.

I just wanted to share. Its been awhile since I had a size change!!! (Though I think I will still me mainly 12's, it felt amazing to get into a 10 - comfortably.

Have a good nite all!!

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Fantasic BL. You skinny Yoda you.


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Wow! So chuffed for you! xx


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Huge well done to you!! :D must be such a great feeling.

Have you ever been size 10 before?


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I was gonna say earlier in another thread that you look a size 10 or smaller in your photo...very trim indeed! You must have a lot of lean mass, way to go!


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thats great, have to agree with nexangelus tho, i thought you were a size 10 already from your pics!
daisy x

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
THank youeveryone!!! I was really chuffed!! To say the least!

PB - I have NEVER been a size 10! Not as an adult!! :D :D :D SHot right through that I'm afraid - but there at last!

Nex and Daisy - thanks for that! ! I still don;t see myself as trim - not completely yet - the old head games and all..but its very reassuring that others do. :)

Nex - unfortunately I have a lot of loose skin - but for the first time in my life I can actually feel a wall of muscle under it all, and I "feel" lean in attitude and movement, etc.,, if that makes sense! Dman skin though, distracts from it all :( Really hoping the skin shrinks back during the next 8 or 10 months. :)

Thanks everyone for your comments!! :) :)



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Considering how excited I was to get into a size 18 earlier today, I can only imagine how excitable you got for a size 10!
Well done honey!

I look forward to seeing the pics of you in that mandarin top!

B x


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What a fantastic post BL, you have worked so hard and what an acheivement to get to a size 10 .... I can't imagine that I will ever get to that but I can tell you I'm gonna have a bl**dy good try, and its posts like these that really reknew my determination!



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As I was posting my post there was a Google ad at the bottom of the page for a clothing company - womens clothes sizes 16-36 (US). You sure dont need them now!!!


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Fabulous BL!

Totally understand you about the plus size jeans on a thin day - it's amazing how one's "acceptable" moves up the sizes as one gets bigger; I guess for me LL has to be the end to that, and you are such an inspiration for me.


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yay bl
you rock!!


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Wow, you must be over the moon in a size 10!

Well done on your 6 mile walk, that is great!

Louale x


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Size 10 BL!! well done you are now the perfect 10 :)